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Superior Groundcover offers erosion control solutions that protect your land using innovative techniques and products including compost & seed, hyrdoseed with customized erosion control mixtures, geotextile tubes and sandbag installation, and SOX Erosion Solutions™ products.

Lake Bank Erosion

Lake Bank Erosion Control

Pond Erosion Control

Pond Erosion Control

Slope Erosion Control

Slope Erosion Control

Stormwater Management Solutions

Stormwater Management Solutions

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Dune Grass Services for Erosion Control

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Sand Tubes for Erosion Control under home on Lake Michigan

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What is Erosion Control?

Superior’s erosion control services aim to fight against wind and water erosion on slopes, waterways, and construction sites by integrating innovative products and establishing quality vegetation for long term performance.

Who Needs Erosion Control?

Anyone who has land that is at risk of erosion can benefit from erosion control solutions. Areas of land that don’t have any ground covering, such as beaches, areas with loose soil, bare slopes, streambanks, and construction sites, are susceptible to the effects of erosion.

Types of Erosion Control Solutions

Lake Bank Erosion Control

Superior provides lake bank erosion control, a necessary stabilization method that protects lake shorelines from erosion. We install living shorelines, bioengineered erosion control solutions that benefit local ecosystems. DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX, a noninvasive form of lake bank erosion control, protecting your property and your investment.

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Pond Erosion Control

Superior provides pond erosion control, a necessary stabilization method that protects ponds shorelines from erosion. We install DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX, a noninvasive form of pond erosion control, protecting your property and your investment.

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Slope Erosion Control

Superior provides slope erosion control, a necessary stabilization method that protects lakeshore property or ponds slopes from erosion. We install DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX, a noninvasive form of slope erosion control, protecting your property and your investment.

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Stormwater Management Solutions

Superior provides stormwater management solutions to combat the damaging effects of runoff. We install DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX, a noninvasive form of stormwater management, protecting your property and the environment from erosion and contamination.

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Dune Grass Services for Erosion Control

Planting sand dune grass is an effective and natural method of preventing sand erosion. The friction of vegetation stops blowing sediment in its tracks. Learn why our dune grass planting services at Superior Groundcover are some of the best in Michigan.

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Sand Bag Erosion

Benefits of Erosion Control

Maintaining land leads to a higher property value. Without proper erosion control, the safety of your backyard, fencing, garden, and even the foundation of your home could be compromised. Proper land management requires some form of erosion control.

Erosion barriers consist of structures like seawalls that serve as above-ground blockades for sediment and water that erode the landscape. They need periodic replacement and reinforcement, and they focus on managing damage rather than working with the land to prevent it.

Our grass cover erosion control solutions transform the landscape with vegetation. Vegetation has roots that soak up water and prevent flooding-based erosion. The hydroseed grass acts as a stabilizer for the ground, preventing migration of sediment and maintaining the levels of your property.

SOX erosion control products are embedded in the bank of a body of water and work with the land to eliminate the effects of erosion. This is a long-term solution that doesn’t need maintenance and will last decades.


Cost of Erosion Control

The cost of erosion control depends on the method, and those categories contain variations in price. DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX are available at different pricepoints, and the cost of erosion control grass seed services varies based on seed mixture. The standard cost in Michigan per acre ranges from $3000–$5000. Of course, other factors influence the price, such as inspection costs, preparation time, and other obstacles workers may come across.

DIY vs. Professional Erosion Control

Our trained professionals have years of experience and have fine-tuned the craft of erosion prevention. We can easily determine barriers to achieving your desired result and rework the land to achieve the ideal landscape. Attempting to do your own erosion control can be messy and expensive, especially if you’re inexperienced, and systems like SOX are best installed by professionals. Superior Groundcover works quickly and takes the hassle out of your hands.


Local Erosion Control by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover is an industry leader in new erosion control methods and was the first in Michigan to implement the use of the Express Blower®. Our SOX installation is revolutionary in preventing erosion.

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Allegan County Shoreline Erosion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hydroseeding helps with the erosion of relatively flat land. Hydroseeding is not always an efficient method of steep dune and slope erosion, but gradual slopes are manageable.

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Installation & Delivery Services

Michigan Erosion Control

Superior Groundcover offers innovative and effective erosion control solutions throughout the state of Michigan.

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Sand Delivery & Installation

High-quality sand can protect your beachfront from erosion—it’s also the perfect solution for refreshing lackluster beaches. Fill in your inground pool, create a beach volleyball court, or lay the foundation for a new playground with the help of Superior Groundcover’s sand delivery and installation services. Our blower trucks allow you to save both time and money while ensuring even, total coverage.

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Backfill for Seawalls & Retaining Walls

Backfill for Seawall Installation & Repair Seawalls are not permanent solutions. Over time, they actually make erosion worse due to wave flanking and scouring. In fact, the Michigan Shoreline Partnership, states that the “two most destructive actions” that cause shoreline erosion are removing natural vegetation and building seawalls or  “hardening of the shoreline” in any […]

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Shoreline Erosion: A Complete Guide

Shoreline erosion affects both the Great Lakes and inland lakes in Michigan. When shoreline erosion happens, major problems arise for property owners as well as the lake environment. Sedimentation alters the ecosystem in lakes in ways like: removing or damaging plants that the fish need for food and spawning; bringing pollutants from the shore/soil into […]

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