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Learn about the quality and convenience of Superior Groundcover’s sand delivery and installation services.

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Order Volleyball Sand for Your Court

Superior Groundcover provides professional sand delivery and installation services for volleyball courts.

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What Is Volleyball Sand?

Sand can vary depending on the type of grains and their size, and it’s important to match the sand to its role. For instance, the type of sand used at golf courses is too rough to use at a playground. Superior Groundcover carries several different types of sand that can be ideal for a range of uses, including volleyball courts.

We can deliver the sand to your location and install it directly onto the court using our slinger trucks. They allow us to efficiently install the sand in just a few hours without driving the truck over sensitive areas of your park or playground.

How Volleyball Sand Delivery and Installation Works

There are four steps to our volleyball sand installation process.

Measure the Court

To ensure we deliver the right amount of sand and give you an accurate quote, we’ll need to know how much sand is needed. By measuring the length, width, and depth of your court, you can give our team the information we need to install the right amount of sand. We recommend creating a court with sand that is between one and two feet deep.

Reach Out to Our Team

Once you’ve measured the court, you’re ready to reach out to our team for a quote. We’ll work with you to find a date and time that works with your schedule and set an appointment.

We Deliver and Install the Sand

Delivery and installation of your volleyball sand is all one process. Our team uses a slinger truck to evenly distribute the sand across the court at the depth that you need.


Once we’ve finished the installation, our team will take care of the cleanup, and you’ll be left with a professionally prepared court that’s ready for a net to go up.

Who Needs Volleyball Sand Delivered?

Volleyball sand courts are popular at parks, playgrounds, hotels, and athletic complexes. We complete installations for municipalities, schools, businesses, and other organizations.

Benefits of Ordering Sand for a Beach Volleyball Court

There are many reasons why Superior Groundcover is the best choice for a sand volleyball court installation, including:

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Our slinger trucks can deliver and install sand in a fraction of the time that it would take using a shovel and wheelbarrow. We can finish the job quickly and with minimal disruption to your park, school, or playground.

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Depending on how it is delivered and installed, sand can be easily lost in transit. By delivering and installing your sand directly to the court, our teams can ensure that you get the sand that you pay for.

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If you don’t have enough sand in your volleyball court, or it has been improperly installed, someone could get hurt. Volleyball sand is meant to protect the players whenever they fall or make a dive to prevent the other team from scoring. Our teams will make sure the sand is deeply and evenly distributed, and we can prevent any foreign materials from accidentally mixing in with the sand during the installation process.

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By combining delivery and placement into one efficient service, you can save money on your sand volleyball court installation.

How Much Does a Sand Volleyball Court Installation Cost?

Volleyball sand delivery and installation is a fairly standard process, though a couple of variables can affect the cost. They can include:

Size: The surface area of the court and the depth of it will determine how much sand you will need

Location: The cost of delivery and installation can vary depending on your location.

Volleyball sand court installed at residence

DIY vs. Professional Sand Volleyball Court Installation

Professional sand installation is the best choice for several reasons.

A professional sand volleyball court installation will ensure a clean, even distribution of the sand. It will prevent sand from getting wasted during installation and minimize the disruption to the surrounding area.

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Volleyball Sand

Local Volleyball Sand Installation by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover has one of the largest fleets of slinger trucks in the country. Our professional, diligent crews will ensure that you have a sand volleyball court that will be perfect for your players.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before building a sand volleyball court, you’ll want to first settle on a size and location. The size will be determined by the type of players you expect to use the court. If it’s for children or older people, it likely won’t need to be as large as a court for official play. You’ll also want to choose a location with proper drainage that is not above gas or water lines.

Once you’ve laid out the court, you’ll need to dig deep enough to allow one to two feet of sand. You should also build a drainage system using a ditch or pipe. After the sand has been installed, you can use ropes or other materials to create lines on the court. We also recommend purchasing maintenance equipment that will allow you to regularly filter foreign materials that can get mixed into your sand over time.


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Installation & Delivery Services

Volleyball Sand Delivery and Installation in the Midwest

Superior Groundcover offers sand volleyball court installation throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

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