Seed Compost for Erosion Control

What Are Compost & Seed Services?

Whether it is weather-related or the result of human interference, unless it is properly reinforced, the erosion of the ground is constantly occurring—and it’s a problem. Erosion weakens the structural integrity of the soil, creating potential problems for the surrounding property. Erosion is not only unsightly, it is damaging to the environment and can become dangerous to the public if infrastructure is at risk of collapse.

The compost and seed services we offer for commercial properties are an incredibly effective form of erosion control, as the best way to prevent erosion is through establishing plentiful vegetation. After you contact us for services, our trucks will deliver growing media (nutrient-rich compost, or a combination of compost and high quality seed), which will then be blown onto your property with our application hoses. Blanketing the soil with this supplemental blend of compost leads to erosion-preventing plant matter, leaving your lawn looking great while maintaining optimal ground stability.

Nine out of ten times, our services are used as a soil amendment solution. Poor forms of soil like sand and clay do not contain enough organic matter for vegetation to flourish, and thin vegetation allows for erosion to run rampant.

Types of Compost & Seed Services

Superior Groundcover offers two types of vegetation-based erosion control services:

  • Thin top-dress application: This process involves spreading ground-nourishing compost that has been pre-mixed with seeds. This method is great for those wanting to establish vegetation, as with the increase of vegetative growth, erosion is minimized.
  • Existing soil incorporation: If the soil on your site is poor and lacking in nutrients, this process can help by incorporating a compost or compost blend directly into the existing soil, sans seeds. After the ground has been tilled, mixing the earth with the blown-on, nutrient-dense layer, the organic content increases while the chance of erosion is lowered. This method has great returns, too; increasing organic matter by 1–3% can decrease erosion 20–33%.

Benefits of Using Erosion Control Grass Seed & Compost

There are many benefits of using compost & seed services. The result is an increase in vegetation, which both increases water holding capacity of the soil, and also allows water to filter easily and evenly into the ground, preventing eroding runoff. More plants means buffering pH levels, which lowers the chance of large pH fluctuations. There is also an added bonus; a quick turnaround time means your commercial property will be full of lush plant life working to stabilize the soil in no time.

Erosion Control Blanket vs. Seed Compost: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard of or previously tried out a seed blanket. Our compost and seed services are more successful at erosion control than seeded and rolled erosion control blankets, as our services are more effective at filling in the many voids that a blanket cannot reach. While our blown compost leaves an even layer of coverage, blankets are susceptible to tenting over uneven spots of ground, leaving an area of soil uncovered and increasing the potential for erosion-inducing water collection.

If your property features slopes or hard to reach areas, compost and seed services are the best method of erosion prevention. While erosion control blankets are limited by the slope of a terrain, our truck’s hoses can spray a uniform cover of growth material into narrow spaces, aiding in ground stability.

What Else Can Compost & Seed Be Used for?

Compost and seed services can be used to help with:

  • Landscape beds: Landscapers with a large scope to cover can use our high-quality compost and seed services to receive a well-spread, biologically stable bed for future plants to flourish.
  • Roadside seeding: This procedure is necessary to maintain stable, long-lasting roads. If water starts to collect due to poorly filtering soil, run off leads to accelerated erosion. A quick spread of compost & seed will evolve to ground-saving vegetation with proper filtration.
  • Slope stabilization: Slopes can be tricky to cover without the proper equipment. Our services can be utilized in steep areas, like a highway overpass, to aid in the permanent preservation of structural integrity.
  • Quick vegetation: Since seeds are directly integrated with nutrient-rich compost materials, strong-rooted vegetation flourishes quickly, providing the ground with a natural, long-lasting erosion solution.
  • Commercial lawn seeding: For large zones requiring vegetation, an application of our top-dress compost and seed mixture (also called Terraseeding) is a great way to ensure an evenly distributed, healthy lawn.

Commercial Uses for Seed Compost

Erosion Control Grass Seed on Construction Sites

From the machinery to the crew, construction projects can agitate and upend ground, leaving the soil disturbed, leading to erosion. To repair the ground post-construction, ensuring it is not only aesthetically pleasing but structurally stable, sites can use compost and seed services to induce expedited germination and offer quick, permanent vegetation, preventing erosion.

Slope Stabilization on Commercial Property

Steep areas of land near bridges or similar, difficult-to-access situations that deal with narrow ridges can still benefit from our growth establishment processes. The reach and flexibility of our hoses brings stabilizing compost and seed services to challenging and uneven terrain that other forms of erosion control cannot effectively cover.

Protect Your Property with Seed Compost

Ready for your commercial property to be stabilized from a wide-reaching, precise application of compost and seed? Send us a message today to inquire about which of our two growth establishing services best fit your needs for erosion control.