Blower Truck

blower truck
landscape mulch

Landscape Bark & Mulch

Bark and mulch reduce weeds, add variety to yards, provide insulation to plants, and increase moisture absorption. We offer residential and commercial services.

Landscaping Mulch
Landscaping Mulch
Playground Mulch

Playground EWF

When it comes to young children, mulch is the superior substrate for playgrounds. It is easier to walk on, has a greater shock absorbency, and is less likely to cause scrapes, mitigating injury. Mulch is also not as easily ingested by curious toddlers. 

Playground Mulch
Playground Mulch

Superior installs a wide variety of materials for our landscape customers, including hardwood bark, colored mulch, pine bark, compost, decorative stone, beach sand, and more.

green roofs

Green Roofs

Our fleet of blower & conveyor trucks allows us to install various blends of extensive and intensive green roof soil, as well as various types of aggregate.

green roof blowing mulch
blowing mulch
stone blowing


Crushed stone delivery & installation is a cost-effective method of erosion control, foundation drainage, and backfill for seawalls and pools.

stone blowing
sand blowing


If it's sand related, we've got you covered. Wherever you need sand, however you need sand - we've got you. Beach sand, playground sand, and more.

sand installation
beach sand installation