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Despite a seemingly endless winter, summer does come back to Michigan eventually — and when it does, we’re all going to want to enjoy the thousands of beaches around us! Some of us are lucky enough to find them in our own backyards.

Creating your own beach can be a challenge. Superior Groundcover is happy to help answer all of your beach sand questions, and provide the Beach Sand Delivery services you need to create your own oasis!

Sand Delivery for Your Association

Are you looking for bulk beach sand delivery for your lake association? Not only does Superior deliver and install quality sand, we do it conveniently with our Express Blower Trucks.

Rather than driving bulky equipment over your other landscaping or too hard to reach areas, dragging wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of sand to the area, then spending hours spreading the sand, we have a better solution. Our trucks will park on the street, and then easily install the beach sand in one step. 

Our easy sand delivery is a one-step process that saves you time, money, and protects your other landscaping efforts.

Types of Sand

There is a variety of sand types that each have different purposes. If you are looking for Michigan beach sand or sand for a children’s sandbox, yellow sand is the way you want to go. You’ll also want large-grained sand to make sure your beach isn’t blown, or washed away. Large-grained sand is both durable, and functional.

How Beach Sand Delivery Works

Once you know the type of sand you need, all you have to do is let us know when to deliver the sand, where to deliver the sand, and how much sand you need delivered.

Not sure what kind of sand you need? Just give us a call and we can help you figure it out.

Beach Volleyball Sand

Want to create the perfect family-fun spot in your yard, or add a court to your playground or recreational facility? Beach volleyball is not only a fun summer activity, it’s also great exercise!

Installing a beach volleyball court is no small task. It not only requires a lot of time but is also fairly expensive. A standard court is 30 by 60 feet and has at least 10 feet of space around it on every side.

How much sand do you need for a beach volleyball court?

To calculate how much sand you’ll need for your court, use the following formula:

(Length x Width x Depth in feet divided by 27) x 1.6 = required tonnage

For a standard court, that is around 166 tons of sand.

Superior Groundcover delivers beach sand in the quantity you need, whenever it’s convenient for you.

How much does beach sand cost?

Beach sand cost is determined by the amount and type of sand. Yellow sand typically used to create beaches will cost less than any type of specialty sand. In 2019, sand can cost up to $30 per ton. For more information on sand costs, visit this article.

There is also cost associated with delivery. Depending on your location and accessibility to the delivery site, the price will change. Some companies will charge up to $150 for beach sand delivery for residential purposes. 

DIY Beach Sand Installation

Interested in installing your own beach sand? Here are some DIY beach sand installation tips and tricks!

Before installing your beach, make sure to clear the area that you want to use for the beach. Check with your local zoning board and make sure you are legally allowed to remove plants from the area.

Pull any weeds, grass or other plants. It can be challenging and very time consuming to remove all plants from the area you want to use from your beach using regular tools. Rototillers, backhoes, and front loaders will get the job done faster, but are very expensive. Check to see if you can rent these tools from a local store.

Once the area is clear, you’ll need to measure the length and width of the area you want to use for your beach in order to determine how much sand to buy. You’ll want to buy enough sand so that the area will be covered and the sand will be at least six inches deep.

Buy large-grained sand in order to ensure your beach lasts a long time. Other sand types are more likely to be blown or washed away sooner.

While you’re purchasing your sand and gravel, make sure to purchase a liner or a sand mat to prevent weed growth. If you skip using a liner, weeds will eventually push through your beach. Also pick up a shade cloth to help prevent your sand from sinking into the soil.

Create a retaining wall around your beach area to ensure your beach does not wash away. Then, install your sand evenly.

Where to Buy Beach Sand in Michigan

Superior Groundcover is happy to provide beach sand delivery to Michigan. We offer quality beach sand to fit your needs. If you’re DIYing your beach, head to a local hardware store and look for large-grained sand.

Sand versus Rock Beach

In Michigan, we are spoiled with our soft, sandy beaches. Beaches with pebbles or rocks are not only uncomfortable for playing, sunbathing, or swimming, they also are less visually appealing.

To make sure you have the best summer experience, create a sand beach. The best type of sand for creating a beach is yellow, large-grain sand. This type of sand will last the longest, be comfortable for summer activities, and look beautiful.

When is the best time for beach sand delivery?

In order to have your beach ready for summer fun, get your beach installed in the spring! Make sure to contact Superior Groundcover as early as possible to get your ideal and convenient delivery time secured.

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