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Ensure Stream Bank Erosion Doesn’t Affect Your Property

The flowing water in streams and rivers can eat away at the banks, causing safety hazards and negatively affecting wildlife.

stream bank erosion control

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What Is Stream Bank Erosion Control?

By building a protective barrier along the sides of your banks, you can prevent flowing water from pulling away too much settlement, especially during flooding. Superior Groundcover utilizes SOX erosion solutions to create a simple yet effective barrier and achieve stream bank stabilization. SOX uses a knitted polyethylene mesh to create a bank that is resistant to erosion while still allowing vegetation to grow.

How Stream Bank Erosion Control Works

There are five steps to controlling stream bank erosion.

stream bank erosion control

Identify the Problem Area

Look for signs that your shoreline is experiencing erosion, and identify the size of the affected area. Signs may include vertical walls from collapsed soil, sunken areas of land, and exposed tree roots.

Select a Solution

Once you have identified the problem, you can choose the tool that will allow you to best prevent further erosion and restore your stream bank. ShoreSox / DredgeSOX are specifically designed to prevent erosion alongside bodies of water and are fast to deploy.

Deploy SOX

Superior Groundcover will prepare the work area ahead of time, including scheduling MISS DIG to flag underground utilities, identify drainage outlet pipes, and remove any debris in the project area. On the installation day, our Superior team will arrive with your DredgeSOX / ShoreSOX and begin the installation process, properly deploying the SOX containment system and components along your stream bank, ensuring its longevity and durability for years to come.

Fill & Vegetate the SOX

Once the SOX containment system is securely in place, our team will fill the DredgeSOX / ShoreSOX with our custom backfill material, contouring it to your existing stream bank edge. Finally, Superior Groundcover will vegetate the bioengineered erosion control system and surrounding area to blend in with the natural stream bank surroundings. Depending on your site, we may use native plantings, water plants, sod, or a hydroseeding process with custom seed mixes and specialized additives to establish a natural, long-lasting erosion protection solution!

Assess the Improvement

Keep track of the work over time, and ensure other areas of your land aren’t experiencing stream bank erosion. As the vegetation grows back, you may notice new wildlife move into the area!

Who Needs Stream Bank Erosion Control?

Areas that see a notable amount of flooding are particularly prone to stream bank erosion. While SOX are often used on natural shorelines, such as lakes or lagoon banks, they are frequently deployed by local governments for use in canals or stormwater drainage streams as well.

Benefits of Stream Bank Erosion Control

There are many reasons why stream bank erosion control is the best choice, such as:

stream bank erosion control


Stream banks that are experiencing erosion can be unstable and are prone to mudslides during heavy rainfall. They can also give way at dangerous moments, especially when lawnmowers or other groundskeeping equipment are used on them.



Stream bank erosion can create a caved-in or even swampy look to the shoreline. Deploying SOX will create a clean line between the bank and the water that looks significantly better without appearing artificial.



River bank erosion can cause an excessive buildup of algae that can put toxins in the water, harming fish and other wildlife. It can also destroy the plants on the shore that wildlife use for food or shelter.

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When a bank is eroded, the water is pulling sediment away from the shore and depositing it somewhere further down the stream. When this happens, that sediment buildup can impede the flow of water, particularly during heavy rainfall. This can lead to flooding because the water can no longer move through the stream fast enough. Using SOX erosion solutions will help ensure the efficient flow of water through your stream or river.

Cost of Stream Bank Erosion Control

The cost of stream bank control for your property will depend on the size of the area that needs to be stabilized and the type of product used.

Size: Stream bank erosion can affect just one part of your shoreline, or it can stretch to several sections of the property. Determining the size of your particular issue will help you understand the potential cost of stream bank stabilization.

Product: There are several different products available to combat river bank erosion. Superior Groundcover uses SOX erosion solutions due to their effectiveness, ease of deployment, and affordability.

stream bank erosion control

DIY vs. Professional Stream Bank Erosion Control

Superior Groundcover brings years of experience to our creek erosion control services, and we have the best tools at our disposal to solve your issue.

By choosing to use a professional service to stabilize your stream bank, you’ll have the peace of mind from knowing you won’t have to do it all over again in a few years. Our solutions are proven effective and built to last.

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Erosion Control

Local Stream Bank Erosion Control by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover’s veteran staff use SOX erosion solutions to fix your stream bank problems. SOX uses a double-knit, rip-stopping polyethylene material to create a durable structure that won’t break down over time.

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stream bank erosion control
Erosion Control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plants that have deep roots will be the most effective at preventing erosion on your river bank. The type of soil or fill material will also affect the kind of plants that can grow along the bank. By doing some research, you can find plants native to your area that will be the most effective.

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Stream Bank Erosion Control in Michigan

Superior Groundcover uses SOX erosion solutions in projects across Michigan.

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