Municipalities: Services for City Landscaping & Erosion Control

Superior Groundcover specializes in providing high-quality and efficient material placement and erosion control services for municipalities. Our crews frequently work on city parks and playgrounds, as well as roadside right-of-ways. Superior’s erosion control services also extend to municipal seawalls and river banks.

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Material Placement Made Easy


One of our most popular services for municipalities is hydroseeding. Our crews can lay down a slurry of grass seed and nutrients in just a few hours. You’ll start seeing healthy new growth within a matter of weeks.

We frequently perform this service for commercial and residential properties, along with departments of transportation and municipalities. Hydroseeding is popular for planting fresh grass at parks and roadsides, along with areas where the ground has been disturbed from work on underground infrastructure.

Hydroseed for Solar Farm
D.O.T Hydroseeding
Lakeshore Hydroseeding
Lake Bank Erosion

Erosion Control

Superior provides a wide range of erosion control services for municipalities. We offer lake bank, river bank, and beach erosion control systems. Our SOX Erosion Solutions provide a barrier against erosion that blends into the shoreline and allows the natural growth of vegetation overtop of it. Municipalities also use SOX to manage stormwater runoff.

Material Placement Erosion Control
Dune Erosion Control Service 8

Sand Delivery & Installation

We can both deliver and place sand for beaches, playgrounds, volleyball courts, and in-ground pools. Our blower trucks will place the sand exactly where it needs to go within a matter of hours with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. Sand placement can also provide the necessary infill for ClosureTurf®.

beach sand delivery and the environment
Sand slinger truck
sand installation
Superior Bark and Mulch Installation

Landscape Mulch & Bark

Municipalities use our mulch placement services for their landscaping. Our teams can quickly and cleanly place your mulch in designated landscape beds, so they’ll be ready for new plants.

Material Placement Mulch
stone blowing over a landscape

Playground EWF Mulch

Our EWF mulch delivery and installation services are popular with municipalities that use them for public parks and playgrounds. Engineered wood fiber (EWF) mulch is especially popular for playgrounds because it is safer than asphalt while still meeting accessibility requirements for wheelchairs.

Playground EWF for Parks
Playground with groundcover installed
Stone for Solar Farms

Soil and Stone Delivery & Installation

Superior’s soil delivery and installation services are popular with cities looking to promote healthy growth of their lawns, cover areas after new construction, or prepare for landscaping. Our fertile soil contains plenty of nutrients and organic material to help your plants grow.

Crushed stone is used by cities for a variety of purposes, including to fill trenches, foundations, and seawalls. It is also used to create a stable and affordable driveway. Superior’s teams can deliver stone and potentially install it, depending on the job.

Top Soil 3 (1)
Stone Delivery 1 (2) (1)

Why Choose Superior Groundcover?

Superior Groundcover builds strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients because of our honesty, communication, and dedication to professionalism. We have decades of experience providing high-quality services to our customers in the Midwest.

SGC_Golf Services_Fleet

Our Fleet

We have one of the largest blower truck fleets in the country, which allows our teams to quickly respond to several large-scale municipal projects. Every truck has the latest equipment for professionally delivering and placing a wide range of different materials. 

They also have tools for specialty jobs such as Terraseeding®, which involves mixing grass seed with soil and compost for areas that may be more challenging for hydroseeding to take.

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Our Team

The staff at Superior Groundcover have been highly reviewed for their professionalism, dedication, and communication. They ensure that when the job is done, you’re left with a clean and aesthetically appealing landscape.

With Superior, there’s no need for wheelbarrows or shovels. Our professional teams will use our blower and slinger trucks to place your soil exactly where it needs to go. We can save your public works staff hours of labor.

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Our Clients

In the more than 20 years that we have been in this industry, we have built strong relationships with our clients. Many of them come back to us year after year because they know they can trust us with their biggest projects.

Our Clients

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