Dune Grass Services for Erosion Control

Planting dune grass is a method of erosion prevention for sand dunes that is economically and environmentally efficient.

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Protect the Natural Beauty of Sand Dunes with Dune Grass

Our erosion control grass planting services keep the magnificent dunes of Michigan safe from erosion.

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How Does Dune Grass Planting Help with Erosion Control?

Without the interruption of a structure to hinder erosion, sand is left to blow hundreds of feet, altering the structure of the dunes. The coverage provided by this dune erosion control grass minimizes wind erosion.

Steps of Planting Dune Grass as Erosion Control

There are three steps to our dune erosion control grass planting process.

Planting Dune Grass

1. Prepping The Site

Our team of experts will clean and prep the area as needed and add clean sand if necessary with our sand blower trucks.

2. Harvest and Re-Plant Dune Grass

Dune Grass bare root plugs are freshly harvested from inland sand sources and re-planted about 8” deep at your site during the Spring and Fall months. More mature, small potted grass plants allow us to plant in the Summer months with some added effort, water, and maintenance to get them properly established.

3. Maintenance

Our workers provide the dune grass with water if necessary, but other than that, there is no maintenance once established.

Where Can You Use Dune Grass to Prevent Erosion?

Dune grass can be used both on inland dunes and on dunes along the lakeshore. This effective erosion control grass can be utilized by nature conservation groups to protect the natural habitat of sand dunes.

Superior Groundcover applies grass to residential properties, commercial properties, and wilderness areas in national parks. All dunes are an important part of nature and deserve to be protected against the effects of erosion.

Benefits of Dune Grass Planting

There are many reasons why grass is the best choice for preventing beach erosion, including:

Benefits of Dune Grass
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Dune grass is simply a plant, not a product that takes planning, manufacturing, and assembly to create. Naturally, the availability of dune grass makes it fairly affordable.

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Easy Maintenance

Dune grass is built to withstand long periods of time without water and has to be sturdy and resilient to grow on the ever-changing slopes of sand dunes. Grass on sand dunes requires very little to no maintenance.



Dune grass is a self-sustaining sand erosion prevention method. It grows naturally and may even spread to cover a greater area. Dune grass is a naturally-occurring weapon against sand dune erosion, and we simply utilize it in places that need it.

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Artificial sand erosion barrier methods may contain bits of plastic and other manmade materials that aren’t biodegradable and can break off, buried in the sand or swept away in a lake. This type of grass is a part of nature, and it creates a healthy ecosystem without doing damage to native species.

Grass For Sand Dunes Cost

Based on a variety of factors, our grass planting services can increase or decrease in price. Factors that impact the cost include:

Amount of grass: A more expansive sand dune property or one that requires dense coverage of erosion control grass will cost more than a small area that needs sparse coverage.

Type of grass: American Beach Grass will be used at your site. Pricing will vary based on the maturity of the plantings. We may use either bare root stock or small potted plants depending on the site scenario and time of year.

Cost of Dune Grass

DIY vs. Professional Dune Grass Planting

Leave the dune grass planting to Superior.

The roots of this grass are quite brittle and need a fairly deep hole to be planted securely. Some inexperienced individuals plant their own grass and wonder why it has been uprooted. Trust professional dune grass planters and ensure your landscape is properly protected.

Professional Dune Grass Planting

Local Dune Erosion Prevention by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover is an industry leader in erosion control grass. We can be trusted with preventing sand dune erosion because we know how the environment works with the forces of nature. Creating a beautiful landscape while maintaining the dignity of the ecosystem.

Our workers approach projects with enthusiasm and energy, working with you to get your beach erosion under control until you are satisfied with the result and proud of your landscape. Customer happiness is our priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the loose sand it is planted in, the root system of this type of grass is very sensitive and fragile. It is best to avoid stepping on it to preserve it.

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Dune Erosion Control Services in Michigan

At Superior Groundcover, we tackle sand dune erosion projects all over the Mitten. Our statewide presence in Michigan means that no matter where you need grass dune planting, we can get it taken care of.

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