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Learn how Superior Groundcover can prevent beach and sand dune erosion to protect your property.

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Prevent Beach Erosion with Superior Groundcover!

Our sand dune and beach erosion prevention services preserve the beautiful landscapes of Michigan beaches and dunes.

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What Is Beach Erosion Control?

Beach erosion control aims to stop the erosion of sand, soil, and loss of vegetation by implementing products and systems which protect against wind and water, two elements that can cause erosion.

How Dune and Beach Erosion Control Services Work

There are 4 steps to our sand dune erosion control service.

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1. Evaluate the Property

Superior Groundcover will ask you questions about the type of property you have and the erosion problems you’re facing. We may send a team to inspect the property so we have a better understanding of your unique challenges.

2. Determine the Most Effective Solution

Based on what our team finds, we’ll propose one of our beach erosion control services, such as sand backfill, geotextile tubes, dune grass plantings, or a special hydroseed blend.

3. Prepare the Site

Once we’ve determined which erosion control solution is best for you, we can proceed with clearing debris from the site and taking any other necessary steps to prepare the property.

4. Install the Beach & Sand Dune Erosion Solution

In no time at all, our team will install your erosion control solution. Whether we’re placing geo-tubes, adding sand with one of our state-of-the-art blower or slinger trucks, planting dune grass, or spraying our high performance growth medium, the professionals at Superior Groundcover will ensure the job is completed efficiently and effectively.

Who Needs Beach Erosion Solutions?

Residential property owners need beach erosion prevention services to maintain the value of their homes. A property with rugged and eroded dunes is unattractive and can decrease property value.

Businesses like lakeside restaurants can also benefit from this service. People come to these restaurants for their superb views, and Lake Michigan dune erosion isn’t a pretty sight.

For environmental effort groups, beach erosion and sand dune erosion services are excellent solutions. Michigan’s sand dunes are a vital ecosystem, and erosion degrades the biodiversity of the area.

Benefits of Beach Erosion Control Services

Our beach erosion control solutions are the best choice because they are:

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Sand dune erosion is an issue that impacts the environment. Erosion can have devastating effects on lake health and surrounding ecosystems. By protecting beaches and sand dunes from erosion, you are conserving natural wildlife habitats.



Sand dunes and beaches are one of Michigan’s most prized assets. The picturesque rolling dunes, when protected from erosion, draw travelers from far and wide. The ability to see this wonder is a privilege that shouldn’t be destroyed by erosion—or by an erosion control system that creates an eyesore.

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The clean sand and dune grass planting services we implement in beach erosion and sand dune erosion control become a natural part of the ecosystem, creating a stable habitat for wildlife to thrive.

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After our team of experts completes our beach erosion control services, there isn’t much you have to do except keep an eye on the landscape. The geotubes and sand backfill can be left alone once deployed, and the dune grass is sufficiently watered by rainfall.

Cost of Dune Restoration and Erosion Control

The pricing of our beach and sand dune erosion services may vary based on a multitude of factors. Factors that impact the cost of beach erosion services include:

Size of property: Larger properties will take longer to service and require more materials, thus increasing the price.

Type of service: We offer many beach and sand dune erosion control services, from geo-tube installation, sand backfill, dune grass planting, and customized hyrdoseed blends.. Each of these services is offered at a different price point.

Severity of erosion: Areas that have already been damaged by erosion or that regularly experience severe erosion may need extra levels of prevention methods, costing more.

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DIY vs. Professional Beach Erosion Prevention

Beach erosion control is a job that needs to be done right.

Installing beach erosion prevention products is a large project for a single person. It is time-consuming, involves attention to detail, and can require heavy lifting. Our professionals at Superior Groundcover have years of experience in beach erosion solutions. Leave the hassle to the professionals.

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Local Beach Erosion Control Services by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover is proud to offer a variety of solutions to protect beaches and sand dunes from the devastating effects of erosion

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Forces of nature, including storms, rain, and wind, contribute to erosion, in addition to the repetitive force of crashing waves when a tide has risen. Human activity can also cause beach and dune erosion.

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Sand Dune & Beach Erosion Control Services in Michigan

All along the west, east, and north lakeshores, Superior Groundcover will protect sand dunes and beaches across the state of Michigan.

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