Learn more about services we provide to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), as well as departments in Ohio (ODOT), Indiana (INDOT), and Illinois (IDOT).

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Improve Roadside Conditions & Aesthetics in Midwest States

Superior supplies roadside erosion control services and creates healthy, lush, long-lasting roadside property for passersby to enjoy.

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What Are Superior’s MDOT Services?

Superior Groundcover provides hydroseeding services, bark & mulch services, and soil blowing services to the Michigan DOT and other departments of transportation in Midwest states. These services are aimed at stabilizing roadside slopes, which both creates safe conditions for drivers and helps to maintain the natural land surrounding heavily traveled roads. 


Our bark & mulch and soil blowing services work to protect and nourish the land, saving time and money in future restorations, while also creating a beautiful environment that encourages native plant growth.

How Superior’s MDOT Services Work

Midwest DOTs can gain the services they need in four simple steps.

Roadside Hydroseeding

1. Contact Superior

Noticing an area of the road that is in need of stabilizing vegetation? Wanting to create a large patch of lush, green grass in an otherwise barren environment? Send us a message to inquire about our availability.

2. Assess the Need

Before bringing out the trucks to spray and spread any material, some of our team members will be out to your site to understand your vision and provide expert advice. Special MDOT seed blends are available.

3. Set Delivery & Installation Date

Once a game plan is set, we will choose the delivery and installation date.

4. Spread the Material

On the day of your material delivery and installation, our team will show up with a blower truck, ready to spread the groundcover material. This process is quick and precise, ensuring no substantial amounts of seed, soil, or mulch will end up on the road.

Superior Services for Midwest DOTs

The Department of Transportation in Michigan can benefit from our specialized MDOT seed blends, which work to stabilize the earth surrounding a road through strong vegetative growth. Nutrient rich soil and bark and mulch can be helpful for dry, barren patches of earth. We also offer these services to DOTs in other Midwest states, including Ohio (ODOT), Indiana (INDOT), and Illinois (IDOT).

Benefits of Superior’s MDOT Services

There are many reasons why Superior’s MDOT services are the best choice, including:

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Our materials are of the highest quality but also remain affordable, helping MDOT to create safe, stunning roadside conditions with specialized seed blends and nutrient rich soils. Our costs are kept down in part due to our installation methods—blower trucks allow for quick yet precise applications.

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Our blower trucks allow us to spray and spread groundcover materials quickly and extremely accurately—no large piles to manually move means less product waste.

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We work with the best suppliers to ensure our hydroseed mixtures, bark and mulch, and soil are made of the highest quality materials, ensuring you see maximum growth and a worthy return on your investment.

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Unlike other forms of slope stabilization, like concrete barriers or metal sheets, our services are environmentally friendly and create a safe space for the ecosystem surrounding Michigan roads.

Cost of MDOT Services

Factors that impact the cost of Superior’s MDOT services include:

Scope of project: The size of the area that requires an MDOT seed blend or bark and mulch will impact the cost. The larger the area, the more material required.

Difficulty of installation: While our blower trucks allow us to reach many seemingly difficult areas, for particularly sloped environments, more than one coating of seed mixture may be required, incurring a larger price.

Highway Hydroseeding

Superior’s MDOT Services

Local MDOT Grass Seed Services by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover has been providing Michigan land with quality groundcover services for over 20 years. We understand this climate, what inhibits and maximizes growth, and the importance of maintaining roadside property. Not only do we work with state departments of transportation, but we also work with local and municipal government agencies to provide groundcover services that address the specific needs of your community.

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Superior’s MDOT Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. Superior offers a variety of grass seed blends made for roadside maintenance.

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