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What Is Sand Backfilling?

Sand backfilling is the process of filling holes or trenches with sand during a construction or landscaping project. Many construction firms use sand for certain types of projects, since it drains better and compacts more easily than soil or gravel backfills.

Sand Backfilling Procedure

There are four steps to our sand backfilling process.

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1. Evaluate the Site

It’s important to determine early on in a project if a site should use sand instead of soil, gravel, or another backfill material. Some common examples of project sites might include septic field installations, in-ground swimming pools, or landscaping trenches. You’ll also need to measure the area being filled.

2. Prepare the Site

Before the sand is brought in, make sure the foundation is flat and free of obstacles or debris. If you’re not sure about the specific preparations your project requires, we’re happy to advise.

3. Install the Sand Backfill

When working with us for your sand backfill project, we’ll bring our sand blower trucks to the site. We can easily backfill the sand and distribute it across a large area, saving you time, money, and back-breaking labor.

4. Compact the Sand into Place

Backfill sand should be compacted on some sites to create the best possible foundation for your project and assure proper water absorption.

When Are Sand Backfills Used?

Municipalities, commercial developers, property management firms, and residential homeowners can all utilize sand backfills for everything from filling in space beneath a building site’s foundation to providing a safe place for recreational equipment, installing beach volleyball courts, and more.

Benefits of Backfilling with Sand

There are many reasons why backfilling with sand is the best choice, including:

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Backfill sand’s cost can be more accessible than other options, making it a simple solution for projects than sourcing gravel or clean soil. It’s also both available at hardware stores for smaller projects or by the ton from companies like Superior Groundcover.


Soil consists not only of rock sediment, but also organic plant and animal matter that has built up over time, making it more likely to retain water. By contrast, sand backfill drains water with ease and won’t hold onto water over time.


Seeing as it maintains a relatively even surface with ease and is typically made of the same material you might find at the beach, sand tends to be a preferred option for backfilling if the area will remain exposed, such as on golf courses or playgrounds.

Backfill Sand Costs

While sand is typically a less expensive backfill option than others, there are two main factors that will impact the cost of your backfill sand installation:

Location: Our sand department is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. The further you are from our headquarters, the higher the estimated cost will be.

Scope: Sand is priced per ton/yard, so the cost of the project will depend on the depth, width, and length of the area you need us to fill.

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DIY vs. Professional Sand Backfills

Superior Groundcover’s Blower Trucks Save You Time and Back-Breaking Labor.

Sand is extremely heavy! Installing it yourself can be strenuous, exhausting work and can lead to higher expenses, on top of untold hours of labor and greater risk of injuring yourself. Even more, you won’t have to worry about buying more bags of sand than you might need—because our team measures the area you need to fill ahead of time.

Using our professional sand backfill services gets the job done in a fraction of the time and ensures that the space is filled properly and safely. Trust the experts at Superior with your next backfill sand project.

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Local Sand Backfills by Superior Groundcover

Residential homeowners, property managers, and local communities across Michigan look to Superior Groundcover to make sure their sand backfill jobs are done right, no matter the shape or size. We use clean, top-quality sand and unmatched installation services to deliver effective, long-lasting results that support all your projects.

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Looking for a free quote? Connect with us today and we’ll provide a free estimate on your backfill sand project.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After you contact us, our team of professionals may come to your project site and measure the area that you will be backfilling with sand. We’ll provide a free estimate based on the amount of sand you’ll need, our recommendations for the material you’re using, and the distance from our headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.

Then, on the day of the backfilling project, our team will bring our blower trucks and enough sand to fill the area.

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Installation & Delivery Services

Backfilling with Sand in Michigan

Superior Groundcover offers sand backfill delivery and installation for both residential and commercial use throughout the state of Michigan, including both the Upper Peninsula and Lower Michigan.

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