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Superior Groundcover is one of the top choices for material placement options in the industry.  We often work as sub-contractors to landscapers and general contractors in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, supplying materials and performing high quality installations and cleanup on the sites that we service.  Superior’s material placement services quickly install large amounts of mulch, soil, hydro seed, and other components that would take days to place by hand.

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Landscaping Material Placement Made Easy


Superior Groundcover’s hydroseeding services are a great way to ensure you establish a deeply rooted, long-lasting lawn for your landscaping project. The hoses on our delivery and material placement trucks are able to reach any nook and cranny of your landscaping area to quickly hydroseed the area with minimal disruptions. Once we’re finished, we’ll clean up the area and your customers will only need to wait a few weeks to see their new grass.

Material Placement Hydroseed
Hydroseed 3 (2) (1)
Material Placement Hydroseed
Material Placement Erosion Control

Erosion Control

We offer a wide range of innovative erosion control solutions that can be tailored to fit the situation. Our team has installed dune grass, geotextile tubes, sandbags, compost, and SOX Erosion Solutions™ to combat erosion and protect shorelines, dunes, and slopes from erosion. Our methods are effective on lakes, ponds, rivers, and stormwater drains.

Material Placement Hydroseed
Material Placement Erosion Control

Sand Delivery & Installation

Whether you’re looking to replenish sand dunes, fill an in-ground pool, improve a beach, or install a playground or volleyball court—Superior’s sand installation can get the job done. Our blower and slinger trucks can deliver large amounts of sand to highly specific areas of your landscaping project in a matter of hours. Our material placement team can also evenly distribute the sand over a wide area as it is being delivered, so there’s no need to spread it out.

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Sand 3
Sand 1
Material Placement Mulch

Bark & Mulch

Our hardwood bark and color-enhanced mulch can quickly transform your landscaping project into a professionally prepared space. The organic material in our landscaping mulch can improve the health of your customers’ soil while cutting down on weeds. Our large fleet of blower and slinger trucks is ready to respond to your project and evenly spread bark and mulch over designated areas.

Material Placement Mulch
Material Placement Mulch

Top Soil Delivery & Installation

Our teams can deliver and install fertile topsoil, compost, or a mixture of both to help lay the groundwork for your landscaping project. Just choose the soil type that best suits your project and we can complete a topsoil delivery project in a matter of hours.

Material Placement Soil
Top Soil 3 (1)
Top Soil 1 (2)
Stone Delivery 1 (2) (1)

Stone Delivery & Installation

If you’re looking for a long-lasting alternative to mulch, our stone delivery and installation is a popular service among landscapers and general contractors. Superior’s stone and crushed concrete are also great for erosion control. Plus, our high-end trucks are able to perform delivery and material placement for stone just as easily and effectively as they install sand or mulch.

Material Placement Stone
Material Placement Stone

Why Choose Superior Groundcover?

We have more than 20 years of experience providing exceptional service and landscaping materials for contractors in the midwest. Our team is passionate about providing material placement services to make your space more sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Our Fleet

Superior Groundcover has one of the largest fleets of blower trucks in the United States. Between the size of our fleet, the quality of the equipment we use, and the expertise of our staff, we can quickly respond to and complete urgent requests for landscape material placement. If your project needs to be finished quickly, Superior has the capacity to meet your deadlines and complete your project on time. Our trucks can finish a job in a matter of hours that would have taken a team of people days to complete by hand.

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Our Team

At Superior Groundcover, we pride ourselves on our detail-oriented work ethic and professionalism. You won’t find a subcontractor that prioritizes communication with our clients more than Superior, and meeting our customers’ deadlines is of utmost importance to our team.

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Our Clients

The staff at Superior work hard to provide high-quality commercial landscape supply and material placement services. We make sure to get the job done right and ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We have consistently worked with many landscaping companies and general contractors for years because they know how much we value our client relationships and they can see it in our work. Take a look at our reviews to see the professionalism and expertise of our staff for yourself.

Our Clients

Previous Material Placement Projects

If you’ve been around the Grand Rapids or Detroit area, you’ve likely seen our work. We have completed material placement and other landscaping work for many of the local colleges and universities. We also installed 53,700 yards of mulch along I-696, along with a significant amount of soil for a project on U.S. Route 23. Our teams have also worked for many years with the landscapers who complete projects at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Superior provides landscape material delivery throughout both Michigan and Indiana. We have branches in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Indianapolis.

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