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Reduce Harmful Runoff While Protecting Your Property

Superior’s expert stormwater management services protect your property from large amounts of overflowing water that can weaken the integrity of your land.

Stormwater Management Solutions

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What Are Stormwater Management Solutions?

Stormwater management is the act of distributing and containing runoff water caused by heavy rains and melting snow. Proper stormwater management protects property from being flooded and eroded, keeps sewer and drainage systems from an overflow of water, and maintains the cleanliness of local lakes and ponds.

Superior Groundcover offers various unique, living erosion control solutions tailored to your specific site circumstances. One of those solutions is SOX, a bioengineered erosion control system. Superior Groundcover, Inc. is a certified service provider for SOX Erosion Solutions. DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX can be installed around stormwater retention ponds, rain gardens, swales, and bioretention basins. SOX begin working immediately upon installation, and their durable double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh and dependable anchoring installation process keeps land protected from erosion due to stormwater runoff allowing for long term stability. SOX also improves subsurface and surface water runoff quality and enhances the local ecosystem.

How Stormwater Management Solutions Work

There are five steps to our SOX stormwater management solutions.

Stormwater Management Solutions

1. Inquire with Superior

Are your property stormwater retention ponds and bioretention basins at risk of damage due to stormwater runoff? Send us a message today. We will be happy to help you determine which stormwater management solution is right for your specific property.

2. Schedule Install Date

Once we’ve determined the amount of SOX material, components, and logistics necessary for your stormwater management  project, and you’ve accepted our formal proposal, we will contact you to set up an installation date.

3. Site Prep & SOX Installation

Superior Groundcover will prepare the work area ahead of time, including scheduling MISS DIG to flag underground utilities, identifying drainage outlet pipes, and removing any debris in the project area. On the installation day, our Superior team will arrive with your DredgeSOX or ShoreSOX and begin the install, properly deploying the SOX containment system and components. This ensures its longevity and durability no matter what amount of stormwater runoff comes in the future

4. Fill with Substrate

Once the Sox containment system is securely in place, our team will fill the DredgeSOX or ShoreSOX with our custom backfill material, contouring it to your desired or existing grade. Finally, Superior Groundcover will vegetate the bioengineered erosion control system and surrounding area to blend in with the natural surroundings. Depending on your site, we may use native plantings, water plants, sod, or a hydroseeding process with custom seed mixes and specialized additives to establish a natural, long lasting erosion protection solution!

5. Effectively Control Stormwater

DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX work to instantly provide protection, giving commercial and residential property owners and municipalities more peace of mind that their property and environment are effectively protected from erosive, contaminated stormwater runoff.

Who Needs SOX Stormwater Management Solutions?

  • Municipalities: Copious amounts of stormwater runoff can lead to expensive, damaging backups in sewage systems. Stormwater can also become easily contaminated, entering streams, lakes, and ponds that the surrounding ecosystem relies on. Protect your community by having proper stormwater management solutions in place—DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX are durable, dependable containment systems.
  • Residential home owners: Stormwater runoff can lead to flooded yards and driveways, eroding land and causing expensive headaches. Mitigate potential issues before they begin with protective stormwater management solutions like DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX.
  • Commercial property owners: Stormwater runoff can lead to loss of property overtime. For some companies, like golf courses, runoff can substantially impact business each time it rains if not dealt with ahead of time. Install stormwater management solutions before repairs are required.
  • Property developers: While DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX can be installed at any time, stormwater management solutions are extremely effective when placed during the building phase. Ensure your clients are receiving the best protection from stormwater runoff with SOX solutions from Superior.

Benefits of SOX Stormwater Management Solutions

There are many reasons why our SOX stormwater management solutions are the best choice, including:

Stormwater Management Solutions
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Superior’s SOX stormwater management solutions are kept affordable due to system simplicity and relative speed of installation of DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX.

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DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX are made of extremely durable material, protecting your property from eroding stormwater runoff for years to come.

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DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX are noninvasive, utilizing natural fill materials and native vegetation from local sources, making them more sustainable than other forms of stormwater management.

Cost of Stormwater Management Solutions

Investing in a highly durable stormwater management solution is much more cost effective in comparison to paying to repair property erosion. Factors that impact the cost of our stormwater management solutions include:

Project type: The kind of stormwater management solution you require will impact the cost. Creating a new stormwater containment basin may be more intensive than stabilizing an existing one, costing more.

Project scope: The size of your property requiring protection or area in need of a stormwater containment basin will determine how much the final cost is. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate prior to beginning the project.

Stormwater Management Solutions

DIY vs. Professional Stormwater Management Solutions

Protect Your Property & the Environment with Professional Stormwater Management

DIY stormwater management solutions can easily leave gaps that allow leaks to penetrate through. Professionals on the Superior team are experts at installing high-quality stormwater containment solutions like DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX. Not only are you receiving immediate protection from runoff upon installation, but you are also ensuring your property and the surrounding environment are thoroughly protected.

Stormwater Management Solutions
Stormwater Management

Local Stormwater Management Solutions by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover has been providing erosion control solutions for over 20 years. We understand the importance of impeccable installation and use the highest quality of materials to ensure your property and the surrounding environment will be protected from stormwater runoff for years to come.

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We are happy to provide you with a free estimate on your residential, commercial, or municipal stormwater management solutions project. Send us a message today to learn more.

Stormwater Management Solutions
Stormwater Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Without stormwater management, runoff from heavy rains or snow melt collects in low-lying areas. This water can flood properties, leading to erosion. It can also pick up contaminants that seep into the soil and enter waterways that the surrounding ecosystem rely on to thrive. Effective stormwater management protects the people, property, and environment from dealing with expensive, damaging runoff issues.

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Stormwater Management Solutions in Michigan

Superior offers stormwater management solutions throughout the state of Michigan.

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