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Protect Your Shoreline with SOX

With SOX erosion control systems, you can protect your property from the eroding effects of wind and water.


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What Are SOX Erosion Solutions?

SOX Erosion Solutions manufactures erosion control systems that are easy to install, increase safety, and improve the look of a property. Both DredgeSOX® and ShoreSOX® use a double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh with rip-stop technology to secure and protect embankments while supporting vegetation. They are quick to install and have virtually no impact on the surrounding area.

How SOX Erosion Solutions Work

There are five basic steps to installing a SOX erosion control system.


1. Hammer in Stakes

For both DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX, a lower and upper row of stakes are hammered into the ground at three-foot intervals.

2. Unroll the SOX and Attach to the Stakes

Our team will roll out the knitted polyethylene mesh in the area where you want the SOX to be deployed and anchor the bottom roping channel to the bottom stake system.

3. Fold the System in Half

Next, our team will fold the SOX in half and anchor the top roping channel to the top row of stakes, which are staggered from the bottom row.

4. Sew and Fill

We’ll then sew up the ends of the SOX and fill it with quality backfill material. Superior fills both DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX with a custom blend of soil.

5. Vegetate!

The final step to completing the SOX system is to install vegetation, which will vary depending on each site!

Who Needs SOX Erosion Solutions?

DredgeSOX have been effectively deployed on lakes, canals, and creeks. They are used whenever the structure of a shoreline presents a risk to people and wildlife. ShoreSOX are often used on hillsides, berms, and construction sites. They are used by government entities and private property owners. SOX can improve the look of a property, restore shorelines, prevent erosion, and help local wildlife.

Benefits of SOX Erosion Solutions

There are many reasons why SOX is the best choice, including:



SOX are built with a double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh with rip-stop technology. They are designed to be buried underground and able to allow plants to grow through them directly without losing their structural integrity.

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The impacts of erosion can cost thousands of dollars over time, in addition to the safety hazards it can pose. Unlike other shoreline erosion control methods, SOX provides a way to restore and secure shorelines with natural materials and a quick installation.

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SOX create a stable place for plants to put their roots, allowing a greater abundance and variety of vegetation to grow on the shoreline. That vegetation then promotes local wildlife to grow and flourish in the ecosystem.



Once SOX are deployed and covered, it won’t be long before you won’t even know they’re there. After vegetation grows through the mesh material, the SOX will blend into their surrounding environment and improve the look of your shoreline or hillside.

Cost of SOX Erosion Solutions

The cost of a SOX erosion control solution will depend on the product selected and how much is required to stop the erosion of your shoreline.

Product: There are multiple types of SOX erosion control products available, each with its own price point.

Size: SOX can be used to protect a wide variety of potential shoreline and hillside lengths. They can be deployed at the shoreline of small canals or large lakes. The amount of shoreline to be protected will change the cost of the project.

SOX erosion solutions

DIY vs. Professional SOX Erosion Solutions

Superior Groundcover’s expert team will ensure your SOX is installed professionally and that it effectively rebuilds your shoreline.

At Superior Groundcover, our staff have extensive experience in building erosion control solutions on hillsides and shorelines. You can trust our team to quickly and effectively get the job done. A few months after we’ve installed a SOX on your property, it will blend right into the environment.


Local SOX Erosion Solutions by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover’s team utilizes different erosion control solutions depending on site circumstances. SOX is a great solution for many sites, can be quickly deployed, and has proven to be a cost effective solution for many customers.

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Superior’s erosion control solutions outperform traditional methods such as straw matting and silt fencing. Our experienced staff would be happy to talk with you about how to protect your shoreline.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SOX have been successfully deployed in numerous municipal projects, including as seawall reinforcement, lagoon restoration, hurricane relief, and lakeside restoration.

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SOX Erosion Solutions in Michigan

Superior Groundcover is proud to offer SOX erosion control systems throughout the state of Michigan.

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