Stone Slinger

What is a stone slinger?

A stone slinger is a construction truck used to “sling” or place stone, sand, mulch, soil, dirt, and other aggregates. With a stone slinger you can place materials in precise positions and reach hard to access areas.

Why should I use stone slingers?

The technology is relatively new, but it helps constructions works increase their accuracy, efficiency, and that savings can be passed on to the customer. They are truly changing the way that work is done.

With a stone slinger you can:

  • sling material up to 90 feet
  • spread with accuracy
  • efficiently use the material with less waste
  • rapidly apply and spread material
  • allows for safe crushing for drains

When should I use a stone slinger?

Stone slingers can be used in a number of construction and ground cover projects. Foundation drainage systems, structural fills, landscaping, steep slopes, and limited access fills to name a few. Slingers can also be used for applying mulch soil, sand, gravel, aggregate, and other media.

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