More Efficient Material Placement For More Profitable Projects

Savvy landscapers, excavators, and municipalities in the Midwest hire Superior Groundcover to place bark, mulch, sand, soil, stone, and hydroseed.

  • Minimize Delays
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Streamline Operations
crushed concrete for bed

Stop Wasting Time and Money Manually Placing Loads of Material

Installing heavy materials by hand (or small machine) is time consuming and unpredictable. Your projects often end up:

  • Off-Track
  • Over-Budget
  • With Exhausted or Injured Employees
  • Cleaning Up a Mess

Material placement doesn’t have to be a pain the back

Municipalities, construction, landscaping, and excavation companies who partner with us benefit from:

Hydroseeding a front lawn

More Predictability

Project estimates won’t feel like an educated guess anymore. You’ll know exactly how much the material placement will cost, and how long it will take, before the project even starts.

Stone backwall being laid by a worker

Superior Results

Our expert team and fleet of specialized machines will efficiently place your clients’ material without all the damage and mess.

Stone Slinger

A Competitive Edge

Now that you aren’t wasting manpower moving heavy materials, you’ll have time for more projects with even higher profit margins.

Prepare to be blown away

Our blower trucks (and slingers and hydroseed trucks) can place these materials 500 times faster than you can by hand:


Bark Mulch Installation


Our mulch blowers deliver the finishing touch your project is begging for in a fraction of the time. 

  • Accurate placement (even in hard-to-reach areas)
  • Less mess than traditional placement
  • We only need a small window of sunshine to get the job done


hydroseeding aftercare


Hydroseed is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get a beautiful lawn that lasts. 

  • Precise application of our high-quality seed mixture
  • Maximum coverage guaranteed
  • Strong, long-lasting grass

Playground EWF

Playground EWF for Parks

Playground EWF

We help keep kids safe by efficiently installing engineered wood fiber playground mulch that meet ASTM and IPEMA standards.

  • Get your playground up to code fast. 
  • We work quickly, at a time that works for you.


Superior Groundcover sand blower truck


Put down the sandbags. Whether you need to replenish sand dunes, prevent erosion, or install some volleyball courts, we can do it more efficiently. 

  • Control erosion quickly
  • Replenish sandy landscapes with less mess




Control erosion or improve your site’s soil fast with our specially blended compost, seed mixtures, and topsoil.

  • Reduce runoff
  • Increase water holding capacity 
  • Lessen erosion


stone throwing


Our specialized stone slingers and blower trucks make it possible to distribute stone evenly, even in hard to reach places.

  • Even distribution (even in the tightest spots)
  • Great for crushed concrete driveways,  stone backfills and other preventative/restorative projects

Erosion Control

Lake Bank Erosion

Erosion Control

If erosion is threatening your property along the Great Lakes, Superior’s erosion control services can protect your property while also protecting the local ecosystem.  

  • Seeding and composting to encourage vegetation growth
  • Beach nourishment with sand and geotextile tubes
  • Placing barriers to prevent further erosion


ClosureTurf® North Carolina

ClosureTurf® Sand Infill

Need turf that looks and feels like grass but is also strong enough to withstand the elements? Closure Turf may be just what you’re looking for. 

  • ClosureTurf® is a 3 layer system: a structured geomembrane, engineered turf, and a specialized sand infill.
  • The specialized infill makes it more resistant without losing the aesthetic.



SOX Erosion Solutions™

Looking for a fast, affordable and environmentally friendly way to protect your shoreline from erosion? Sox Erosion Solutions will make your shoreline look better while supporting local wildlife. 

  • Build a stable, long-lasting shoreline
  • Fortify your riverbanks, shorelines and even hillsides

We started off with sweat-soaked shirts and callused hands, too.

But after pushing our crews through long days of back-breaking work and tearing-up job sites with small machinery, we knew there had to be a better way.

Since 2000, we’ve been using our fleet of slingers, hydroseeders, and blowers to help contractors in the Midwest complete their projects on time with less stress and less mess.

superior employee smiling
hydroseed truck

96% of our customers hire us again (and again) because:

Our efficiency allows them to scale.

Decades of experience makes us great at what we do.

We place a wide variety of materials.

We have the largest fleet of blower trucks in the world.

We pay attention to details and exceed expectations.

3 Steps to Hassle-Free Material Placement

You’ll exceed your clients’ expectations and
have enough time left over to add a few new customers to the books.

  • 1

    Request an Estimate

    We will ask a few questions about your project to ensure we are the right partner for your needs.

  • 2

    Get a Clear Plan

    We will attend a planning meeting or a site visit to determine the most efficient way to place your material.

  • 3

    Use Efficiency to Scale

    Now that you can complete more projects in less time, you’ll be able to take on even more work than before.

“I have worked with Superior Groundcover for several years. Each time I use them, I am impressed by the quality work that they do. From scheduling to installation, they are extremely professional and I have never had any callbacks regarding with work they have done for me. From topsoil to bark to hydroseeding, these guys are top notch!”

-Matt Spaans

Meet the Fleet

The three machines you never knew you needed. Once you see how neatly and efficiently they get your jobs done, you’ll never want to do another project without them.

blower truck

Blower Truck

Blower trucks can precisely apply:

  • Landscape Bark and Mulch
  • Playground Mulch
  • Compost
  • Crushed Stone, Round Stone
  • Peastone, Chips and Dust
  • Fill Sand
  • Beach Sand
  • Green Roof Soil
  • ClosureTurf Sand
Slinger Truck

Slinger Truck

Slinger trucks can evenly spread:

  • Peastone
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Fill Sand
  • Beach Sand
  • Aggregates up to 2.5”
hydroseed truck

Hydroseed Truck

Hydroseed trucks are designed to spray:

  • Hydroseeding
  • Hydromulch
  • ProGanics Biotic Soil Media
  • ClosureTurf ArmorFill

“If we partner with you for material placement, we’ll be out of a job!”

False. You’ll be busier than ever.

You don’t have to worry about us taking your clients because:

  1. We aren’t a landscaping or excavating company. Finding innovative ways to bypass inefficient manual labor with blower and slinger trucks is more our thing.
  2. We rarely work directly with clients. We prefer to subcontract with municipalities or landscaping and excavating companies. We’re loyal to you. You maintain contact with your client while we help you get the job done faster.

We aren’t your competition. We are trusted partners.
We take over the heavy lifting so you can take on more projects and make more money.


“I have worked with Superior Groundcover for over 10 years. They have helped my company install thousands of yards of wood bark/mulch. They are efficient, take care of the details, and competitive in their pricing. I would highly recommend them.”

-Jamin DeJong

Material placement made easy.