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What Are Geotextile Tubes?

Geotextile tubes are large, tube-shaped bags made of porous geotextile fabric. Similar to traditional sandbags, these tubes are filled with sand and are quite effective in preventing water from impacting beaches and coastlines. However, unlike traditional sandbags, geotextile tubes are much stronger.

Geotextile tubes are made with a high-strength woven polypropylene that resists ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation. They are inert to most naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids, making them an excellent choice for your shoreline protection system!

Geotextile Tube Installation Process

There are 3 steps to installing geotextile tubes.

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1. Deliver the Geotextile Tubes to the Site

Our installation experts will bring the empty geotextile tubes to your coastal site and lay them out precisely where you need them.

2. Fill the Geotextile Tubes

Our team of professionals will bring one of our state-of-the-art sand blower trucks to fill the anti-scour apron and geotextile tubes with sand. This allows us to fill the tubes quickly on site, making sure the job is done right, all while helping you save on labor costs.

3. Stabilize the Area Near the Tubes

The specifics of this step will depend on the extent of the coastal erosion you’re experiencing. In some cases, we will backfill sand behind the tubes, integrating the geotextile tubes with the core of your existing dunes to stabilize them and ensure they stay in place to protect your property. Adding vegetation helps protect against wind erosion and the roots help stabilize the slope. We recommend planting the area with dune grass to stabilize the bluff even further.

When Are Geotextile Tubes Used?

Although they’re often known as a beach erosion solution, geotextile dewatering tubes can be used for many different projects, including land reclamation, island creation, revetments, breakwaters, dams, and more.

Benefits of Using Geotextile Tubes and Sandbags

There are many reasons why geotextile tubes are the best choice for erosion control, including:



Geotextile tubes are ideal for trapping sand to prevent erosion and save your shorefront property from damage, but they can also keep water out with an even tighter seal than traditional sand barriers and levees.

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Part of the reason why geotextile tubes are so commonly used in construction and erosion control is that they are both easy to install and cost-effective for the results they provide. In many cases, they’re the most affordable, practical option for mitigating the effects of coastal erosion.

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Since they’re more effective than traditional sandbags, they can be used in any number of custom solutions and are more accurate in their ability to protect and restore beaches and shorelines. They can also absorb the impact of water, minimizing erosion on construction sites and protecting homes and property from waves during squalls and gales.

Cost of Installing Geotextile Tubes

Factors that affect the cost of geotextile tubes may include:

Quantity needed: For larger beaches or those with more severe erosion, more geotextile tubes for coastal protection may be needed to get the problem under control.

Parts and labor: Labor in certain cities and municipalities costs more than it does in others, along with taxes for parts and other considerations that we factor into our pricing.

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DIY vs. Professional Sandbagging and Geotextile Tubes

Ensure you’re setting your shoreline erosion control project up for success.

Whether you’re a homeowner with shorefront property or represent a local, state, or municipal agency, installing geotextile tubes and sandbags for erosion control is a project best left to the professionals. Our team of experts has the resources and machinery to ensure long-term results and make the job as easy as possible.

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Local Geotextile Tubes by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover is proud to address shoreline and beach erosion on the Great Lakes to keep our freshwater beaches around for generations to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While sandbags and geotextile tubes largely address the same issues, geotextile tubes are much larger and typically only require a few units to do the same job that would require hundreds of sandbags.

However, sandbags can still be valuable, especially for smaller-scale erosion control projects and emergencies.

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Installation & Delivery Services

Geotextile Tubes in Michigan

Superior Groundcover is proud to offer its geotextile tube installation and sandbagging services throughout the state of Michigan, with the ability to address almost any dewatering need.

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