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Protect Your Shoreline with Superior Groundcover & SOX!

Our SOX Erosion Solutions™ products offer an innovative solution to shoreline erosion. The open containment system that is built into embankments stabilizes shorelines and protects your land.

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What Is Shoreline Erosion Control?

Shoreline erosion control prevents erosion from wind and water from degrading the shoreline of your property. A constructed barrier filled with sediment material acts as a protective force against the elements.

Protecting your shoreline from erosion not only prevents having a messy and unsightly shoreline but also protects your home and the entirety of your property. Shoreline erosion solutions raise your property’s market value by preventing waves and water flow from wreaking havoc on your landscape.

How Shoreline Erosion Control Works with SOX

There are 5 steps for controlling shoreline erosion with SOX.


1. Identify the Problem Area

Look for signs that your shoreline is experiencing erosion, and identify the size of the affected area. Signs may include vertical walls from collapsed soil, sunken areas of land, and exposed tree roots.

2. Select a Solution

Once you have identified the problem, you can choose the tool that will allow you to best prevent further erosion and restore your shoreline. ShoreSox / DredgeSOX are specifically designed to prevent erosion alongside bodies of water and are fast to deploy.

3. Deploy SOX

Superior Groundcover will prepare the work area ahead of time, including scheduling MISS DIG to flag underground utilities, identify drainage outlet pipes, and remove any debris in the project area. On the installation day, our Superior team will arrive with your DredgeSOX / ShoreSOX and begin the installation process, properly deploying the SOX containment system and components along your shoreline, ensuring its longevity and durability for years to come.

4. Fill & Vegetate the SOX

Once the SOX containment system is securely in place, our team will fill the DredgeSOX / ShoreSOX with our custom backfill material, contouring it to your existing shoreline. Finally, Superior Groundcover will vegetate the bioengineered erosion control system and surrounding area to blend in with the natural surroundings. Depending on your site, we may use native plantings, water plants, sod, or a hydroseeding process with custom seed mixes and specialized additives to establish a natural, long-lasting erosion protection solution!

5. Assess the Improvement

Keep track of the work over time, and ensure other areas of your land aren’t experiencing shoreline erosion. As the vegetation grows back, you may notice new wildlife move into the area!

Who Needs Shoreline Erosion Control?

Anyone who owns property along a body of water can benefit from SOX erosion control systems. The double-layer knitted polyethylene mesh material works with the environment to create sensible shoreline erosion control. Vegetation grows along the embankment and stabilizes the soil.

Those who deal with beach erosion are in dire need of erosion solutions. The relentless waves of lakes quickly deteriorate the shoreline, as well as disruption from water vehicles like jet skis and boats. Storms in particular can have devastating effects on the banks of streams and lakes.

Benefits of SOX Shoreline Erosion Control

There are many reasons why SOX’s shoreline erosion control solutions, ShoreSOX, is the best choice, including environmentally friendly erosion control tactics, effortless maintenance, quick installation, and minimal disruption of surrounding property.

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The SOX erosion control system is a long-term solution built to last several decades. It becomes integrated into the shoreline and offers erosion protection for years to come.



SOX can be vegetated using several different methods including native seed, native plants, wildflowers, sod, and more. Bringing back natural vegetation to a once defunct shoreline not only helps protect against future erosion, but can encourage wildlife habitat!

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Hiring our company to install SOX shoreline erosion control is a seamless process from start to finish. Speak with our team today to find a solution that is right for your specific site.



Integration into surrounding property means that you don’t have to deal with a team of workers uprooting the soil of your landscape and possibly damaging native plants. The shoreline erosion control system seamlessly blends into the embankment and, once vegetated, isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Cost of Shoreline Erosion Control

The cost of shoreline erosion control varies depending on the exact solution needed, in addition to how much product is required to prevent erosion on your shoreline.


DIY vs. Professional Shoreline Erosion Control

Professional Installation Is Convenient and Quick

Rather than potentially spending hours working by yourself to install erosion solutions, hire our team at Superior Groundcover. We have a team of experienced workers that can quickly install the shoreline erosion control system without any hassle or mistakes.


Local Shoreline Erosion Control by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover is a trusted company in preventing shoreline erosion effects. We protect properties from lake erosion and stream bank erosion with our innovative solutions. Our team is helpful, reliable, and willing to answer any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SOX also offers solutions for slope erosion, lake bank erosion, intracoastal erosion, stream bank erosion, dune erosion, and stormwater management.

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Shoreline Erosion Control in Michigan

Superior Groundcover offers shoreline erosion control throughout the state of Michigan, whether the issue is beach erosion, stream erosion, or erosion of ponds.

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