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Commercial Detroit Landscaping

We offer commercial landscaping services in the Detroit area, partnering with local landscapers such as:

Why Landscaping?

Bring your landscaping to the next level with blow in mulch, with benefits like…

  • Curb Appeal. Mulch adds rich color and beautiful contrast to your garden.
  • Soil Health. Mulch improves the health of your soil as it breaks down. Insects and microbes consume mulch over time and add the by-products back to the soil as organic matter.
  • Weather Protection. Mulch insulates plants and protects them from more extreme temperatures like hot sun and cool winters. Mulch can extend the life of plants planted later in spring or fall that will be subjected to temperature changes.
  • Moisture Conservation. Mulch slows water absorption and maintains moisture so that you don’t have to water as often.
  • Weed Prevention. Mulch prevents weeds from growing by blocking the sun. Make sure to spread your mulch thick enough so that the weeds cannot break through.

What's the best time for landscaping Detroit lawns?

Spring and Summer are great times to have your landscaping done but don’t wait to start until then. Plan ahead and identify the company you are going to have do your landscaping early. A lot of companies, like us, get booked up fast.

What will it cost?

Our landscaping cost is calculated per square foot, along with other project factors.

If you’d like accurate quote, contact us and we’ll come out to give you a hassle-free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done landscaping for years and literally thousands of people and millions of square feet all over Michigan.

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Blow in Mulch

Beautiful landscaping relies heavily on one thing: Mulch. There are lots of benefits to mulch, including its stellar appearance! While it may seem like it’s a simple thing to DIY, ...