The Advantages of Slinger Trucks for Stone Delivery & Installation

Order Stone Delivery & Installation with a Slinger Truck

A slinger truck can install crushed stone and other materials in hard to reach places.

Using a delivery and installation service that employs a slinger truck will ensure a professional and even distribution of stone, sand, compost, and other materials in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Learn the advantages of ordering a slinger truck to complete your installation, and find out if one is available for crushed stone delivery near you.

What Is a Stone Slinger Truck?

A slinger truck has a large bed that it uses to transport aggregate materials such as stone, compost, or sand, and a long mechanical arm used to “sling” the material where it needs to go. The arm uses a high-speed conveyor belt to safely and effectively place the material precisely within a specific area.

This significantly cuts back on the time and manual labor required to place the stone. It also allows the truck to send the material to places that would otherwise be hard to reach, such as crawlspaces, and it ensures a professional, even placement of the material. 

Slinger Trucks vs. Blower Trucks: What’s the Difference?

While slinger trucks use a fast-moving conveyor belt to send materials to their destination, blower trucks use pneumatic equipment to send air and materials through a large plastic tube to distribute it. Blower trucks are used to install mulch, green roofs, sand, and other materials.

How Far Can a Stone Slinger Reach?

A stone slinger truck can place materials up to 90 feet from the back of a truck. Control over the different angles of the conveyor belt and the speed at which it moves allow for accurate placement of the materials.

Why Use a Stone Slinger Truck?


Slinger trucks can finish stone delivery and installation much faster than using a dump truck and wheelbarrow or front-end loader. By providing fast installation, you can ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding area and allow normal activities to resume in just a few hours.


Whether you need to fill a pool, crawlspace, or driveway, a slinger truck will place the materials exactly where they need to go. Direct placement of the materials also minimizes the impact on the environment and prevents damage to the lawn that could be caused by using other vehicles.


Using a slinger truck for stone delivery and other services helps prevent the loss of materials by ensuring everything goes where it needs to go. This cuts needless waste and makes cleanup much easier. 

Our Landscape Stone Delivery & Installation Services

Superior Groundcover has one of the largest fleets in the Midwest, which allows us to take on major commercial and civic projects. The teams that work our slinger trucks are also highly dedicated, experienced, and professional. They will prep the area before applying the materials and complete a thorough cleanup before they are done.

Materials Our Slinger Trucks Install

Our fleet of slinger trucks can install materials up to two-and-a-half inches in size, including:

  • Pea-stone
  • Foundation drainage pea-stone
  • Crushed concrete
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Fill sand
  • Beach sand

Is Crushed Stone Delivery Available Near Me?

Superior Groundcover offers stone delivery and installation in Michigan and northern Indiana. To find out if we offer stone delivery near you, check out the available service areas on our website.

Order Stone Delivery & Installation Today

Looking to order a slinger truck for a fast and professional stone delivery and installation? Let us know, and we’d be happy to give you a quote on our services.

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