What Is Terraseeding? Benefits and Applications

Terraseeding® uses our existing material blower trucks for fast and cost-effective grass seeding. It is a popular choice for placing blown grass seeds when the environment may be too challenging for hydroseeding. We use Terraseeding for a wide range of applications, including athletic fields and commercial lawns. 

What Is Terraseeding?

Terraseeding is an ideal supplement for Superior Groundcover’s blower trucks, which quickly place topsoil, compost, or mulch onto an area by blowing it through a long hose directly where the material needs to go. Terraseeding is a method of seeding the ground by placing a finely tuned mixture of seed, fertilizer, and other components into that material as it is being placed.

This allows for an efficient and low-cost way of automatically seeding an area to the client’s exact specifications. Since the seed is automatically mixed into the material as it is being placed, it is far more difficult for the seed to be eaten by animals or blown or washed away. The seed to soil contact is unparalleled with seed incorporated into the growing media.  Terraseeding is often used for erosion control, berms, athletic turf, and golf courses, as well as lawns and landscaping.

The grass will start to grow within days of being planted, and customers often see dramatic results within two weeks of the material placement.

Terraseeding vs. Hydroseeding: What’s the Difference?

Hydroseeding is a similar process to Terraseeding that also mixes grass seed with other components that can facilitate its growth. However, it does not automatically plant the seed by mixing it in with blown-in topsoil, mulch, or compost in the same way as Terraseeding. Hydroseeding can be a great choice if your existing soil is of high quality, and you’re not worried about rainfall washing away your seed.

The advantage of Terraseeding is that it builds up a layer of material around the grass seed in which the seed is already planted and ready to germinate. Since this soil is high quality, carries nutrients, and protects the seed, it is a great alternative to hydroseeding in areas where growing grass may be more difficult due to environmental conditions. This includes poor soil nutrients or heavily sloped areas where rainfall can more easily wash away hydroseed. It can also require slightly less water and other forms of maintenance than hydroseeding.

Terraseeding Applications

Terraseeding is used in a variety of applications because of its speed, efficiency, and affordability. If you would like to know which method of seeding will work best for your property, the Superior Groundcover staff would be happy to speak with you.


The staff at Superior Groundcover are experts at quickly placing material with minimal disruption to the surrounding area, and that’s exactly what they do when Terraseeding. Blower trucks can access hard-to-reach areas without needlessly driving over your lawn or other areas of the property. You don’t have to worry about equipment smashing down your lawn or potentially damaging any underground pipes or drainage.

A large lawn that would take a team of landscapers an entire workday to cover and seed can be completed within a few hours using our blower trucks. You can also skip the wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes because our team will take care of that and the cleanup afterward.

Erosion Control

Terraseeding is great for creating an erosion control blanket that absorbs rain and slows runoff, which helps vegetation grow and prevents standing water from building up. This is particularly useful for construction sites that need to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s permitting standards for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, which seeks to prevent potential pollutants from entering the surrounding area and its groundwater due to rainfall.

Sediment Control Berms

Terraseeding is an efficient solution for placing over the top of water control solutions such as sediment control berms, which can divert and filter rainwater runoff. Since berms are often made from mulch, compost, or soil, they are the perfect choice to use Terraseeding to quickly cover the freshly placed material with new grass. Within a few weeks, it will be difficult to tell that a berm was placed there.

Athletic Turf

Do you have a big game coming up and an athletic field that doesn’t have enough grass? Superior Groundcover can quickly solve that problem with Terraseeding. You will likely see significant grass growth within two weeks of planting, and since the seed is already mixed into the soil, you can start walking on the area sooner than you can through other methods without worrying about damaging the seed.

How Much Does Terraseeding Cost?

The cost of Terraseeding will depend on several factors, including the amount of ground to be seeded and the material chosen to mix with the seed. Our staff would be happy to talk more about the process and give you a quote on your project.

Our Terraseeding Method

Our Terraseeding method is very similar to our other services. You tell us where you need the new seed to be placed and how much you need. We send out our experienced staff who can complete the job within a few hours. Once they’re done, they will clean up the area and perform any necessary finishing touches. You just need to sit back and wait a couple of weeks for your fresh new grass to grow.

Professional Terraseeding from Superior

Ready to grow some healthy new grass on your property? Let us know! We’d be happy to give you a quote.