Hydromulch: The Best Groundcover for Erosion Control

Looking for groundcover that will stop erosion and prevent further degradation? Erosion control blankets are a popular solution, but hydromulch is easier to install, more environmentally friendly, and more effective.

What Is Hydromulch?

Hydromulch (also known as hydraulic mulch or hydroseeding) is the high-pressure application of a “slurry” mixture to vegetate ground and stop erosion. Seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water combine in a hydroseeding tank to create the perfect mixture. Once sprayed, germination occurs in just one to two weeks, resulting in healthy lawns and slopes.

Using Hydroseed Mulch for Easy Erosion Control

Beyond creating beautiful green lawns, hydroseed mulch can also be used as an easy method of erosion control. Fight back against erosion with hydraulic mulch in just three simple steps:

  1. Evaluation: The first step is to test the soil and determine which slurry mix is the best option for your property.
  2. Preparation: Leveling and tilling the land gives the hydraulic mulch the best chance of adhering to the land and growing deep roots.
  3. Application: Our hydroseed trucks make it easy to spray the slurry with accuracy, avoiding big messes.

With proper follow-up care and maintenance, you’ll have thick, consistent groundcover in just a few weeks.

Benefits of Hydromulch

Easy Installation

One of the biggest benefits of hydroseeding is the simplicity of installation. After rough grading the land, professional hydroseeding crews can spray the hydromulch from their trucks without damage to the surrounding area. The high-pressure spray makes installation fast and easy.

Erosion control blankets, on the other hand, are cumbersome and time-consuming. Professionals have to line up seams, add staples, and extensively manicure the site. Rolling out blankets requires a lot of traipsing back and forth across the property for a less-effective erosion control solution.

No Tenting

Erosion control blankets use netting to keep everything in place. However, stronger plants can push against the nets, resulting in “tenting.” This pulls the nutrient-rich mulch away from the seeds that are still growing, creating spotty coverage.

Because hydraulic mulch doesn’t rely on netting for secure coverage, there is no threat of tenting. Instead, the hydromulch makes 100% contact with the soil, and all plants grow together, benefiting from the nutrient-rich slurry.

Environmentally Friendly

Some erosion control blankets are labeled “biodegradable,” but that’s only part of the story. Even the most environmentally-friendly erosion control blankets won’t break down for a while. In the meantime, the netting can prevent plants from growing and create an unfortunate trap for small animals, damaging the local environment.

Hydromulch is the most eco-friendly erosion control solution on the market. Safe for plants and animals, the slurry is a nontoxic mix that integrates seamlessly into the local environment.

More Savings

Because hydroseeding is less time-consuming than installing erosion control blankets, it is also more cost-effective. An easier process means fewer laborers and faster setup, resulting in a smaller bill.

More Effective

Not only are erosion control blankets more difficult to install, but they are also less effective than hydromulch. To properly install an erosion control blanket, the land must be smoothed, maximizing contact between the ground and the blanket. This causes seed to migrate and soil to shift, creating spotty coverage and potentially leading to further degradation.

With hydroseed mulch, the high-pressure application of the slurry into the roughened terrain ensures that the seeds take root where intended.

Safer Solution

At Superior Groundcover, we design our erosion control solutions to be as safe as possible for both workers and the surrounding environment. Instead of climbing steep slopes with commercial-grade nets and staples, workers can apply hydraulic mulch at a distance from the safety of our hydroseed trucks. The high-pressure spray is safe for our professional team to use and results in less disturbance to the surrounding environment, protecting nature as well as our employees.

What’s the Best Groundcover for Erosion Control on Your Property?

Hydromulch is just one of many erosion control solutions that may be right for your property. To determine the best method for your land, you’ll want to consider a few factors.

Type of Soil

Hydroseeding works best in certain types of soil. For a small fee, Superior can conduct a soil test on your property to determine if it is compatible with seed growth. This test will also help us determine the best mulch for erosion control to increase the likelihood of successful germination.

Cause of Erosion

Erosion can occur due to a variety of factors. Land that is adjacent to a body of water, such as a shoreline, lake bank, river bank, or pond shore, might benefit more from SOX erosion control solutions or geotextile tubes than hydroseeding.

SOX erosion control products are made from high-density, double-knitted polyethylene mesh and are sock-like in appearance. Unlike erosion control blankets, SOX products are filled with organic material that encourages plant growth through its porous structure. 

Geotextile tubes are an excellent solution for beaches. Their UV-stabilized geotextile fabric is designed to withstand the elements, including high-impact waves.

Slope Severity

Hydroseed can be used on both gradual and steep slopes, although it is best to evaluate each site to determine which erosion application is best. SOX erosion control solutions are another effective option for steeper slopes, while steep sand dunes may benefit from dune grass installation

Superior Erosion Control Solutions

At Superior Groundcover, we’re proud to offer the best erosion control solutions for all sorts of properties. For erosion problems that require hydromulch, we make use of Profile erosion and vegetative solutions. Our hydroseed trucks make installation for both commercial and residential properties a breeze.

Get the Best Groundcover for Erosion Control with Superior

The fight against erosion can feel impossible, especially when dealing with the tangled web of erosion control blanket installation. Protect your property more effectively with the simple installation of hydromulch. Our hydraulic mulch erosion control solution will turn your degrading lawn or slope into beautiful, healthy property covered in green. 

Reach out today to see how Superior Groundcover can help you protect your property from erosion. We’re proud to offer erosion control solutions in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and surrounding Midwest states.