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Starting a commercial landscaping or infrastructure project can take a lot of effort and planning to pull off effectively, especially if you’re working with multiple contractors. But choosing a quality material provider that prioritizes customer service and convenience can save your team time and money.

There are a wide range of projects that may benefit from having sand delivered, and it is important to choose a sand delivery service that will meet your needs.

Commercial Sand Projects

Pool Filling

Sand is a popular choice for filling in the space left when an inground pool has been removed. It is a better choice than dirt, which takes far longer to settle and can lead to an unstable foundation. Sand can also be mixed with concrete to further mitigate settling.

Sand, however, can sometimes retain too much water and expand slightly, which can push up against the pool walls. That’s why some people prefer to use stone for pool backfilling instead. 

The staff at Superior Groundcover would be happy to discuss both options with you, including quotes for each, so that you can make an informed decision.

Beach Nourishment

Despite seeing waters recede from the coastline, the beaches of Lake Michigan are still experiencing erosion that is threatening homes and businesses. Fortunately, a sand delivery service can replace some of that lost sand and buy your property time to put erosion protection measures in place. 

While poorly installed sand can cause problems for local wildlife and prevent new vegetation from growing, an experienced team can deliver sand and install it without hurting the environment.

If you’re adding sand to a beach area, the team at Superior Groundcover can supply sand with a similar grain size and chemical composition to ensure minimal environmental effects. Our blower and slinger trucks can also apply the sand exactly where it needs to go and distribute it evenly.

Some lakeside homeowners have found themselves just weeks away from suffering serious damage to their homes due to erosion. Working with a sand delivery service that has a large team and fleet can ensure that you’re able to get sand in time to make a difference.

Flood Protection

Sand can be an excellent choice to protect your home or business from flooding. But the amount of sand that you will need can stack up fast. If you’re planning to build a wall of sandbags that is three feet high and 10 feet long, you will need around 210 sandbags. If each bag uses around 40 pounds of sand, you’ll need at least 8,400 pounds of sand delivered to complete the job.

Playgrounds and Parks

One of the most popular uses of sand is for playgrounds and parks, particularly for areas such as volleyball courts and sandboxes. As long as it is several inches deep, sand can be a safe surface for children to play on. The area where the sand is installed will also need to have a border to hold it in place.

While sand has many benefits in parks and playgrounds, other material placement services such as mulch and engineered wood fiber are also great choices. 

Our Local Sand Delivery Service

Superior Groundcover can have sand delivered and professionally installed for your projects. There’s no need for shovels and wheelbarrows when you work with us. While other services will have a sand truck deliver the material and dump it at a nearby location, our team can use our blower and slinger trucks to install it within a matter of hours. 

Once we’re done, our staff will clean up the area, and you’ll be left with a professionally prepared yard, park, or beach.

How Much Does Sand Delivery Cost?

The cost of having sand delivered and installed will vary depending on the amount of sand needed and the location of the job. Our sand delivery service is headquartered out of Grand Rapids, MI, but we can complete jobs throughout the region.

Why Choose Superior Groundcover?

Our staff are known for their dedication, professionalism, and customer service. We have one of the largest fleets of slinger and blower trucks in the Midwest, and we can respond to a wide range of commercial projects.

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