Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) Playground Mulch for Municipal Parks

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Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) Playground Mulch for Parks

EWF is a popular choice for surfacing playgrounds in community and municipal parks because of its affordability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

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What Is EWF Playground Mulch for Parks?

Engineered wood fiber is a type of mulch that is made from processed wood. This prevents the kind of sharp chunks, bark, or splintering wood that you may find in other forms of mulch. It is a loose-fill material that is often used in playgrounds and parks because it is softer than other types of surface material while still allowing people with wheelchairs and crutches to safely go over it.

How EWF Playground Mulch Is Placed

There are three steps to our EWF playground mulch installation process.

Playground EW for Parks

Order the Material

The first step in getting EWF playground mulch professionally installed in your park is to reach out to us with your specific needs. We can give you a quote based on the amount of park mulch that you will need and walk you through the delivery and installation process. Once you’ve selected a delivery window, we can prepare your installation.

Deliver the Engineered Wood Fiber

Our team will arrive at your property ready to install the engineered wood fiber in your park. Our blower trucks will likely be able to perform the installation from the street or parking lot.

Install the Mulch

Superior Groundcover’s staff will get to work evenly spreading the mulch onto your playground using our blower trucks. They will both ensure the EWF playground surface is sufficiently deep and that it looks great. As always, our staff will take care of the cleanup.

EWF Playground Mulch for Every Park

EWF playground mulch is an excellent choice for community parks. It provides accessibility for children with wheelchairs and crutches who may not be able to navigate other forms of park mulch as easily. 

Municipalities prefer the affordability and natural look of the engineered wood fiber. It is an especially great choice inside urban landscapes that already have a large amount of concrete and asphalt.

Benefits of EWF Playground Mulch in Parks

There are many reasons why EWF playground mulch is a great choice, including:

Playground EWF for Parks
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Engineered wood fiber is cheaper than many other playground and park surfacing options such as rubber and synthetic turf.



EWF park mulch is a safe alternative to other surfaces. Concrete or asphalt can be dangerous in an environment where small children are playing on slides, monkey bars, or other playground equipment due to the risk of falling. Some forms of mulch or weed chips may have sharp pieces that can cause splinters. Comparatively, an EWF playground surface is soft and composed of small pieces.

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One of the reasons that EWF is a popular choice for park mulch is that it is wheelchair accessible and meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some other playground and park surfacing options such as gravel, woodchips, and sand are not ADA-compliant because people with wheelchairs or crutches will have a hard time navigating them.



An engineered wood fiber playground is typically better looking than asphalt, concrete, or rubber. The natural color and texture of EWF park mulch can add to the aesthetic appeal of your local community.

Cost of EWF Playground Mulch

EWF park mulch is a cost-effective option for communities and municipalities, and Superior Groundcover offers highly competitive rates for installation. A number of factors can impact the cost, including:

Size of the area: The biggest factor affecting the cost of your installation is how much material is needed. EWF playground mulch needs to be installed at a specific depth to ensure safety standards are met.

Maintenance: Engineered wood fiber will require new layers of material to be added over time. How much maintenance is required will depend on how often the playground is used.

Playground EW for Parks

DIY vs. Professional EWF Playground Mulch Installation

Get ADA-compliant playground material placement with professional EWF mulch installation.

Engineered wood fiber is ADA-compliant, wheelchair accessible, and safe—but that is only the case if it is installed at the proper depth. If not enough material is installed, the EWF won’t properly cushion the falls of children, and injury may result. Superior Groundcover can ensure that your park mulch meets the required standards.

Professional installation is also much faster and more efficient than a DIY installation. Our experienced staff can use blower trucks to place your park mulch exactly where it needs to be and perform any cleanup that needs to be done afterward. A job that would otherwise take days can be performed by our staff in a matter of hours.

Playground EWF for Parks

Local EWF Playground Mulch by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover has the largest fleet of blower trucks in the region, and we can quickly schedule an EWF playground mulch installation in your area. The hoses on our trucks have the reach to place engineered wood fiber underneath playground equipment without causing any issues with the surrounding environment.

Our friendly and professional staff will take care of the installation and cleanup process, leaving you with a finished playground ready for use by the children.

Get a Free Quote!

Ready to learn more about how engineered wood fiber can create a safe and inviting surface for the playground in your park? Let us know and get a free quote on delivery and installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The lifespan of your EWF park mulch will depend on how much is installed and how well it is maintained. If your park’s mulch is receiving regular use, it may need a fresh layer of mulch every year or two.

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Installation & Delivery Services

EWF Playground Mulch in Michigan

Superior Groundcover can provide EWF playground mulch installation at municipal and community parks throughout Michigan.

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