Playground Safety: Mulch Matters

Get the Best Playground Mulch

Having access to top playground mulch means creating a playground safe for children of all ages. Get a free estimate on your upcoming playground mulching project today by contacting us at Superior Groundcover.

Playground Surface Safety

Creating a safe playground surface is a vital step if you intend to build an area designated for children. Superior Groundcover has spent more than 20 years providing expert groundcover solutions. With our mulch, you can create a safe foundation for playgrounds of any size. That is because our mulch is engineered specifically for playgrounds with kids and families in mind.

Even supervised children can take a tumble in less than a second before nearby adults have time to react. Kids can play rough, and with different ages all playing together, accidents can happen. Having improper surfaces lining a playground can lead to hazards and injury in kids of all ages. At Superior, we make sure that doesn’t happen by providing a reliable solution in playground surface safety.

Who Needs Playground Mulch?

Playgrounds are created across various industries with the same passionate goal in mind. To create a safe space where children can run free, socialize with peers, and use their imagination safely. No matter the industry, Superior playground mulch offers benefits that other options don’t. 

  • Schools: When most people think of playgrounds, they think of schools. Elementary school children have access to the school playground every day at recess. Keeping those kids safe during their most active part of the day is important. Whether they’re hanging out on the swingset or hanging upside down from monkey bars, Superior is dedicated to providing products that protect them.
  • Parks: Local parks make every community a more inclusive and active place. Families from all walks of life gather together to have their children play and make friends. These playgrounds need proper mulch to ensure a safe area for visitors of all ages.
  • Daycares: Parents who send their children to daycare want to know that those kids will be protected during outdoor activities. Especially in smaller children, having a soft, absorbent mulch will prevent small falls from creating large injuries.

Playground Mulch Requirements

Playground Mulch or Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is the best option when it comes to keeping children safe at playgrounds and parks. In comparison to surfaces like concrete, asphalt, rocks, or rubber mulch, it offers added features and qualities that the former do not.

  • High impact absorption: At Superior Groundcover, we offer impact absorbing EWF mulch. When a child falls on this mulch, the level of injury is greatly minimized and often completely nonexistent. 
  • Slip resistance: From toddlers just learning to walk to older parents and grandparents to wheelchair users, a slip-resistant surface protects the whole family. Other options like sand and pebbles can cause tumbles and slips due to the instability of the surface. Superior’s playground mulch offers a slip-resistant texture.
  • Effective filtration: Our mulch allows for effective filtration and the drainage of water from storms. Heavy rainfall won’t create a flooding hazard thanks to the materials and textures we utilize.
  • Environmentally friendly: Our EWF mulch comes both virgin and recycled. Cover your playground while knowing you’re doing your part to reduce your footprint on the earth. The materials we use are environmentally friendly and can be used on playgrounds near wildlife and other natural habitats.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes: Because our certified playground mulch is resistant to extreme temperature changes, play can continue all year long. A winter freeze and summer heat will not affect the quality of our products.

Certified Playground Mulch

Superior offers certified engineered wood fiber mulch that meets safety standards and requirements from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

Don’t risk a DIY mulch job in such a sensitive space as a child’s playground. Save time, hassle, and even money with a professional installation from Superior Groundcover. We use blower trucks for even distribution completed quickly. We offer a variety of colored mulches to customize your playground into the fun and exciting oasis those kids deserve. 

Why Choose Playground Mulch?

Options like soil, gravel, and rubber can lead to injury. Since playgrounds are frequented by children of all ages, these injuries could be much more traumatic than for an adult. Slips and falls could lead to concussions, cuts, bruises, sprains, and more. Playground mulch is the superior option as it has high-impact absorption, slip resistance, and resistance to extreme changes in temperature. Playground mulch keeps kids safer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Playground Mulch vs. Regular Mulch: What’s the Difference?

Regular mulch made of rubber is typically created from old tires. It is not an organic material which means although it does not harbor bacteria, it could expose schoolyard children to potential toxins when heated in the sun or ingested by a curious kiddo. Its darkened color and texture means summer surface temps can get extremely hot. On top of those safety concerns, rubber mulch is also more expensive than playground mulch. Our certified playground EWF mulch is the best option in regards to cost efficiency and safety as well as aesthetics.

Is Mulch Toxic? 

While options like rubber mulch are non-organic material and have the potential for toxins, our EWF playground mulch is completely organic and safe. Our supply meets ASTM and IPEMA safety requirements.

How Deep Does Playground Mulch Need to Be?

The depth of playground mulch is heavily dependent on the playground itself and the location in which it resides. We recommend a minimum of 12 inches to ensure the utmost safety and shock absorption from falls of any height. On top of the depth, the mulch should extend at least six feet in all directions around all playground equipment.

What Is the Playground Mulch Delivery and Installation Process Like?

At Superior, we utilize blower trucks to make the installation process quick and simple. Installation time depends on the size of the playground, but typically will take up to a few hours.

Does Playground Mulch Need to Be Replenished?

Engineered Wood Fiber naturally decomposes at a rate of about 1-2” per year and therefore should be refreshed every year or two.

Get the Best Playground Mulch

Having access to top playground mulch means creating a playground safe for children of all ages. Get a free estimate on your upcoming playground mulching project today by contacting us at Superior Groundcover.