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If you're in South Haven, we've got you covered.
We offer all of our premium quality services including landscaping, material placement, erosion control and more in the greater South Haven area.

Superior installs a wide variety of materials for our landscape customers, including hardwood bark, colored mulch, pine bark, compost, decorative stone, beach sand, and more.

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Rubber Mulch vs. Wood Mulch Playground Benefits

Want to compare rubber mulch vs. wood mulch for playgrounds? Explore the pros and cons, and learn the benefits of EWF playground mulch.

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Superior supplies and installs various brands of certified playground mulch, which meet ASTM and IPEMA requirements. Superior’s fleet of Express Blower® trucks gives us the ability to install thousands of cubic yards of engineered wood fiber each day. We focus on efficiency, precision, and attention to detail at each site.

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Playground Safety: Mulch Matters

Mulch and playground safety go hand in hand. Superior Groundcover is your source for creating a safe playground space in any industry.

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Superior's erosion control solutions outperform traditional straw blankets, straw matting, silt fence, and other traditional erosion control methods. Compost offers natural erosion control and protection, adds organic matter directly to the soil, offers superior water infiltration, and increases aeration in any soil type.

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Superior Groundcover Is Proud to Provide SOX Erosion Control Products

Superior Groundcover is proud to provide delivery and installation of SOX erosion control products to our customers.

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In addition to waterproofing, Superior's drain tile installation crew makes quick work of installing sock tile, perforated tile, solid tile, and sump crocks for residential and commercial foundations.

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Basement & Foundation Damp Proofing 101

As a homeowner, protecting your home from any moisture is critical. This is especially true in terms of the structural integrity of your home and, most importantly, for health reasons, as mold and other substances could appear. This article will discuss all you need to know about damp proofing and how it applies to your …

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Superior's slinger fleet allows us to quickly install various types of aggregate, stone, pea stone, sand and soil with precision up to 70 feet from the truck.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Project in Pennington, MI

Jobsite location: Rainbow Lake in Pennington, MI Superior Groundcover subcontracted on this crawl space encapsulation project with a local cement contractor who was tasked with installing a vapor barrier over the stone that Superior brought to site to infill the crawl space, and then cap it with concrete. There was also a crock and tile …

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Superior's slinger fleet allows us to quickly install various types of aggregate, stone, pea stone, sand and soil with precision up to 70 feet from the truck.

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Beachfront Repair in West Michigan

The splendor of the Great Lakes is breathtaking and incomparable. Preserving this ecosystem’s natural beauty and sustainability is vital for ensuring that west side Michigan beaches remain intact and are enjoyed for generations to come. Erosion of the beachfront in West Michigan is occurring at an alarming rate. Many Western Michigan beach towns are losing …

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Superior operates conveyor equipment and a specialized sand blower unit to install the sand infill portion of ClosureTurf® systems throughout the United States.

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Proper soil and grading are necessary for premium turf establishment. Superior’s crew creates perfect growing environments each day using our state of the art equipment.

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Hydroseeding Cost Per Acre

Hydroseeding is an affordable way to get a stunning, long-lasting yard, athletic field, or agricultural plot. Superior Groundcover offers free quotes.

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