Erosion Control

Geotextiles installed on shoreline

Geotextile Tubes vs Rock Revetments vs Seawalls for Erosion

This page compares and contrasts these three types of erosion control and materials; including efficacy, cost, environmental impact, and ease of deployment. Geotextile Tubes for Erosion What are geotextile tubes? Geotextile tubes are an erosion prevention tool that create a barrier along a shoreline. They are sometimes called breakwater tubes because they act as a …

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Aerial shoreline photo

Beachfront Repair in West Michigan

The splendor of the Great Lakes is breathtaking and incomparable. Preserving this ecosystem’s natural beauty and sustainability is vital for ensuring that west side Michigan beaches remain intact and are enjoyed for generations to come. Erosion of the beachfront in West Michigan is occurring at an alarming rate. Many Western Michigan beach towns are losing …

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Geotextile tubes installation

Geotextile tubes for Erosion Control 101

What are geotextile tubes? Geotextile tubes are large bags made of permeable woven geotextiles, which are stronger than standard sand bags. They are used in many civil engineering and erosion control projects like embankments, retaining walls, reservoirs, bank protection and stabilization, as well as coastal erosion control. Geotextile tubes work for shoreline protection and erosion …

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Seawall getting backfill

Backfill for Seawalls & Retaining Walls

Backfill for Seawall Installation & Repair Seawalls are not permanent solutions. Over time, they actually make erosion worse due to wave flanking and scouring. In fact, the Michigan Shoreline Partnership, states that the “two most destructive actions” that cause shoreline erosion are removing natural vegetation and building seawalls or  “hardening of the shoreline” in any …

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