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Bark and Mulch Installation Detroit

If you're looking for bark and mulch installation in the Detroit area, you've come to the right place.

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Commercial and Residential Detroit Bark and Mulch Installation

We offer both commercial and residential bark and mulch installation services in the Detroit area.

Why Bark and Mulch?

Bark mulch will provide a fresh color across your landscape beds. It’s organic, meaning that it will break down over time in your garden and will not leave behind any harmful chemicals. In addition to this, it will increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape and protect it against the harsh elements.

What's the Best Time to Install Bark Mulch in Detroit?

Most of our clients choose to install bark mulch in the spring; however, you can also do it in the fall! By installing bark mulch prior to snowfall, you can protect your perennials against the cold through insulation.

What Will it Cost?

Bark mulch delivery and installation costs can vary based on location and size of your project. Your quote will always include the bark mulch, delivery, and premium installation by our Express BlowerⓇ trucks. We will always focus on efficiency, precision, and detail on each site in order to save you time and money.

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We’ve been providing bark mulch delivery and installation for over 20 years, supplying and installing thousands of yards throughout Michigan.

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