Why Use a Mulch Blower Truck?

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If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, and precise tool for applying bark, mulch, and other materials, a blower truck is your top choice. These trucks cut out the need for shovels and wheelbarrows and instead apply the mulch directly on-site. Our team can use a mulch or bark blower truck to apply materials to parks, playgrounds, and commercial landscaping projects.

What Is a Mulch Sprayer?

A blower truck is able to carry a large amount of material and apply it directly where it needs to go using a large hose with air blowing through it. This allows the trucks to avoid driving onto your lawn and disturbing the grass, soil, and landscaping. It also allows a small team to complete a material placement job that might have taken an entire day in just a couple of hours.

When Are Mulch Blower Services Used?

Blower trucks can be used with a variety of materials, including mulch, bark, or engineered wood fiber (EWF). At Superior Groundcover we use blower trucks to place sand and certain types of soil. We also use them for our Terraseeding® service, which injects grass seed into the soil, mulch, or compost as it is being placed. Terraseeding allows us to plant the seeds and automatically protect them, which is perfect for areas where it may be difficult for grass to grow.

The Advantages of Using a Mulch Blower Truck


The hose of a blower truck allows our team to apply material in hard-to-reach places, including inside crawlspaces and underneath playground equipment. We often apply commercial bark, mulch, and other materials at school districts, parks, businesses, and rental properties. Residential applications include gardens, landscapes, and playgrounds.


A blower truck can apply and evenly distribute your materials in a fraction of the time it would take to do it the old-fashioned way. Our teams can finish up the job within just a few hours, minimizing the disruption to your school, business, or home.


Using a dump truck, wheelbarrow, and hand tools to deliver and install mulch often leads to a lot of wasted material that gets lost during the process. Using a blower truck not only saves time but also makes sure the material is placed exactly where it needs to go and makes cleanup a breeze.

Mulch Blowing Services Near You

Wondering if Superior offers mulch blower truck services near you? We have one of the largest fleets of blower trucks in the Midwest, and we serve every municipality metropolitan area in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Our fleet allows us to respond to even large-scale projects quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Superior Groundcover?

When Superior Groundcover, Inc. was established in 2000, we brought the first Express Blower® to West Michigan. Since then, we’ve established an expert material placement team that believes in building strong relationships through high-quality work and excellent customer service.


“I have worked with Superior Groundcover for over 10 years, they have helped my company install thousands of yards of woodbark/mulch. They are efficient, take care of the details, and competitive in their pricing. I would highly recommend them.”—Jamin D.

“Great company to work with! We have used them for hydro-seeding and mulch installation. Professional, dependable, and efficient with great quality.”—Brent S.

“I use these guys every year to install my bark. They are very professional, friendly, and dependable. Very nice group of people to work with!”—Travis K.

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