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Our beach nourishment services preserve the natural beauty of the lakeshore throughout Michigan.

What Is Beach Nourishment?

Beach nourishment is the process of adding sand to a beach, increasing its width and reducing the effects of erosion.

This process allows beach sand to move naturally with the waves and currents, which in turn brings more beach sand back to the shoreline, both immediately and over time.

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What Is Beach Nourishment?

Beach nourishment is the process of adding sand to a beach, increasing its width and reducing the effects of erosion.

This process allows beach sand to move naturally with the waves and currents, which in turn brings more beach sand back to the shoreline, both immediately and over time.

How Does Beach Nourishment Work?

There are three steps to our beach nourishment process.

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1. Designate the Beach Nourishment Site

Determine the length of beach you’re planning to restore with additional sand. Our experts will ask you questions about the type of beach you would like us to restore and about any erosion issues you’re facing. We also may send a team to the site to determine your beach’s specific needs.

2. Choose the Right Sand Composition

Not all beach sand is created equal. During the visit to your property, our team will determine which sand composition is best for your beach nourishment project. We will provide as close of a match to your existing sand as possible, so the sand doesn’t wash away as easily.

3. Apply the Sand with a Slinger or Blower Truck

Our team will bring in one of our state-of-the-art sand slinger or blower trucks to distribute the sand evenly over the area needing beach nourishment. This allows us to lay the sand down effectively and efficiently, allowing us to make sure the job is done right.

When Is Beach Nourishment Necessary?

Beach nourishment is essential for protecting beaches that are at risk of—or already experiencing—erosion due to coastal flooding and overwash. The process is especially necessary to protect homes, highways, and other structures near the shoreline of the Great Lakes.

In addition, beach nourishment becomes necessary when shoreline erosion is severe enough to cause habitat loss and harm local recreational activities. It’s also frequently paired with other environmental services, such as planting dune grass where needed.

Pros of Beach Nourishment

Beach nourishment’s advantages are wide-ranging and benefit the local ecosystem. Here are some additional benefits of working with Superior Groundcover on beach restoration jobs.

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Attempting to complete a beach nourishment project either manually or with traditional construction equipment can be intensive, backbreaking, and often impossible. However, working with Superior Groundcover makes the job a much easier, faster process. Our blower trucks are able to distribute sand along a shoreline in a fraction of the time.


In the past, beach nourishment was often a blunt solution with relatively little chance of long-term success. However, the process has changed, and we’ve been on the cusp of making sure the job is done right. We will provide as close of a match as we can to your existing beach sand, making it easier for the waves to integrate it with the rest of the shoreline and minimizing impacts on local wildlife.


Beach erosion can wreak havoc on local neighborhoods, roadways, and other structures, along with local wildlife habitats.

How Much Does Beach Nourishment Cost?

The cost of our beach nourishment services can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

Beach size and severity: The size of the beach you need us to restore will be a major factor in the price, along with the severity of the erosion and how much you need the beach to expand.

Sand type: If the type of sand your shoreline needs for proper beach nourishment is unusual or harder for us to source locally, that can also impact the price of the restoration project.

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DIY vs. Professional Beach Restoration

Ensure the job is done right to protect your beaches for years to come.

Whether you’re a homeowner with beachfront property or represent a local parks department, beach nourishment and restoration are best left to the professionals who have the resources and machinery to make the job easier and ensure longer-lasting results.

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Local Beach Nourishment by Superior Groundcover

Superior Groundcover is proud to offer beach nourishment solutions to combat the devastating effects of shoreline erosion and storm damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Beach nourishment works by introducing new sand of a similar composition to an area with a damaged or depleted shoreline. It is designed to allow the waters to cycle the introduced sand back onto the beach in a way that helps the beach sustain itself. Frequently, dune grass and other native plants are also seeded along the shoreline to prevent further erosion.

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Installation & Delivery Services

Beach Nourishment Services in Michigan

Superior Groundcover offers its sand installation services for beach nourishment and restoration all over the state of Michigan, with the ability to cover hundreds of miles of lakeshore throughout the state.

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