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If you're looking for residential and commercial compost and seed in the Detroit area, you've come to the right place.

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Residential and Commercial Detroit Compost and Seed

We offer residential and commercial compost and seed services in the Detroit area.

Why Compost and Seed?

Compost and seed can help amend your soil by adding organic content, including soils that are heavy in sand and clay. This process of compost and seed provides an economical alternative to redoing an entire lawn.

What's the best time for composting and seeding Detroit lawns?

The best time to compost and seed in Detroit (and anywhere else in Michigan) is around September.

What will it cost?

Price can vary depending on how thick the compost is applied; generally, it ranges from $.22 to $.48 per square foot.

If you’d like accurate quote, contact us and we’ll come out to give you a hassle-free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have doing compost and seed in Detroit?

We’ve done compost and seed services for years and literally thousands of people and millions of square feet all over Michigan.

Can I rake compost into the lawn myself?
Yes. While it is a labor intensive process, it can be done with wheelbarrows and rakes.
Do I need to prepare the yard in any way before the compost and seed is applied?
Yes. The existing yard should be aerated to open up the soil to allow the compost to fill these voids.
How much water do I need to use to get the grass to grow?
Treat the lawn as you would any newly seeded lawn. Use light, frequent waterings to keep the soil moist and sustain proper germination.

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