Where is the #1 Destination to visit in 2014?

Where is the #1 Destination to visit in 2014?
What is there to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan?
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Why would I want to travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan?
Check It Out!

With so much to do and so much to see in and around Grand Rapids, who would’t want to come for a visit? Among the numerous reasons that attract tourists to travel to “River City”, Grand Rapids’ commitment to sustainability might just be one of them! Grand Rapids was named “America’s Greenest City” by Fast Company magazine, and has received worldwide recognition for its sustainable efforts. Take a look at some of the LEED accomplishments in the great City of Grand Rapids!

#1 in LEED-certified buildings per capita for mid-size U.S. cities (2010)
#5 in LEED-certified buildings per capita for all U.S. cities (2010)
• World’s 1st LEED Gold art museum (Grand Rapids Art Museum)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified YMCA (Downtown YMCA)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified transit station (Rapid Central Bus Station)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified school (Goodwillie Environmental)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified Habitat for Humanity Home
• World’s 1st LEED-certified residence (St. Anthony of Padua rectory)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified church (Keystone Community Church)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified healthcare project (Lacks Cancer Center)
• World’s 1st LEED Double Gold building (East Hills Center of the Universe)
• World’s 1st LEED-certified municipal building (Water & Environmental Building)
• World’s highest LEED rating (Catalyst Partners/M Retail Solutions, 2012)

As we are in the middle of another Holiday Season, Superior Groundcover, Inc wants to thank you for visiting, living, and working in our hometown of Grand Rapids. A special thanks goes out to our clients which helped make 2013 a successful season all around. Green roofs are on the rise in and around the City (We love local green roofs!), new landscaping projects strengthened our mulch installation and erosion control divisions, and school districts & municipal facilities kept our playground mulch installation division busy throughout the season! It feels great to be a part of Grand Rapids, and to be able to service those who live and work in the area. Thank you again to all who help make Grand Rapids, Michigan such a great City to live, work, and play!

Enjoy Your Holiday Season!