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Superior Groundcover, Inc. is the superior solution to your green roof media placement needs.

Our Express Blower fleet allows us to pneumatically install various types of green roof soils & drainage aggregates for clients throughout the industry. We have the experience of completing large scale, high profile projects, as well as smaller private projects, and have the capability to install hundreds of cubic yards of media per day.
Superior has teamed up with contractors nation wide to complete projects ranging from less than 100 cubic yards to several thousand cubic yards of extensive, intensive, and drainage aggregate media.
Our Team has completed projects ranging in size from less than 1,000 square feet to hundreds of thousands of square feet, and have conquered roof surfaces at various heights, including surfaces at grade to 170’ feet in the air. We have installed media at distances totaling more than 520’, and for projects with multiple roof levels, all glass exteriors, and limited access points.


Peruse our vast Green Roof Portfolio to view our unmatched industry experience.


Superior’s combined experience in the green roof industry is second to none.

We invest time and money into our equipment, project planning, and operation enhancement, so that we can continue to advance the benefits that we provide to our clients. We continuously update our fleet in order to stay ahead of what the market demands. We have a current fleet size of 8 trucks, which gives us the ability to better serve our clients nationwide.
Superior is dedicated to the green roof industry. We have been a supporter and Corporate Member of Green Roofs For Healthy Cities (GRHC) for many years, which has allowed us to advance along with the quickly evolving green roof market.


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