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Mitigate land erosion, replenish sand dunes, restore your in-ground pool, or upgrade beach frontage, volleyball courts, or playgrounds with top-quality sand selections, delivery, and installation from Superior Groundcover.

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What Is Sand Delivery & Installation?

Using convenient sand blower trucks, Superior Groundcover provides bulk sand delivery and installation services for a variety of needs. Our high-quality sand options are perfect for lake associations, new beach builds, and restorative projects. 

Superior’s one-step process saves both time and money and helps to create the landscape you’ve been seeking, whether it’s for recreational purposes or for mitigating property erosion. Whatever type of sand you’re seeking, Superior is happy to supply it and spread it.

How Does Sand Delivery and Installation Work?

There are five steps to our sand delivery & installation process.

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1. Determine the Specifics

Before we figure out how much sand you’ll require, we need to understand your particular needs. We provide sand for a variety of projects, including sand for beach nourishment, dune restoration, erosion control, pool backfill, and commercial playground substrate.

2. Measure the Area

The amount of sand you’ll need will depend on the scope of your project. For example, a sand dune restoration project will most often require more sand than a volleyball court. We will discuss the details pertaining to your project, giving you an accurate estimate of what the final cost will be.

3. Set Delivery Date

Before moving forward with the installation, we’ll work with you to determine a delivery date and time. If you have strict spring or summer deadlines to meet, we’ll do our best to complete the delivery and installation ahead of time. Have a future project in mind? Send us a message today to start the process and get on the books early.

4. Prepare the Land

It’s important to prepare the land for installation—a flat foundation free of debris will maximize your investment. If you’re using sand as an erosion control solution, you need to have your seawall or other barrier completed prior to sand delivery. Certain projects may require some excavation beforehand as well. If you’re unsure about what land preparation your project requires, we’re happy to advise.

5. Spread the Sand

We’ll drive our sand blower trucks to the site and park nearby on the street. We can easily install the beach sand in just one step, saving you time and money. Our blower trucks quickly and evenly distribute sand across large areas, removing the need for hours of hard labor manually wheeling over loads of sand and spreading.

Who Needs Sand Delivery & Installation?

Local and state municipalities, commercial developers, and residential homeowners can all benefit from our sand delivery and installation services, as we provide sand for a variety of recreational and restorative projects. We specialize in beach nourishment, which ensures long stretches of public or private beaches stay smooth all summer long. Our sand dune replenishment services optimize natural barriers and protect beachy ecosystems. We’ve also laid safe, sandy foundations for commercial playgrounds, installed incredible beach volleyball courts, and provided pool backfill for those no longer in need of an in-ground swimming pool.

Types of Sand Delivery & Installation

Stone Backfills

Stone (often peastone gravel) is required for foundation drainage and waterproofing of commercial and residential construction sites, trenches, and roadside projects. Our stone slingers make installation at these places simple and effective. For sites with more limited access, our blower trucks are the perfect solution.

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Benefits of Sand Delivery and Installation

Superior’s sand delivery and installation services are designed with efficiency in mind. Utilizing blower trucks enables us to quickly and precisely spread sand, while alleviating the need for long hours of manual labor via wheelbarrows. Our quick and simple sand-spreading process can even be easily applied to sloped areas.

While sand is a type of soil, typical soil and sand serve different purposes. Soil is made up of organic plant and animal matter. It’s porous and packed tightly together, so it tends to hold onto water easily. Sand does not hold water like soil and is less likely to allow plants to pop through. This is the best option for beaches, outdoor volleyball courts, and commercial playgrounds, as the surface will remain consistent and even.

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Cost of Sand Delivery and Installation

There are two main factors that will impact the price of your sand installation: your project’s scope and your location. As sand is priced per ton/yard, the cost will greatly vary from project to project. Costs are also dependent on your location’s distance from our sand department headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI. Reach out to our team to receive an estimate on your project.

DIY vs. Professional Sand Delivery and Installation

Self-installation of sand is strenuous! It leads to much higher expenses and hours upon hours of hard labor. Professional sand installation saves you time and money while ensuring the job is completed impeccably. 

Our blower trucks get the job done fast, saving lots on labor. Because we measure the area ahead of time, we ensure complete, even coverage across the entire site. We’ll bring exactly the amount of sand you need so you don’t even have to consider ordering extra bags of sand hoping to get it right. Trust the experts at Superior to tackle your sand installation project.

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Local Sand Delivery and Installation by Superior Groundcover

Communities across Michigan trust Superior Groundcover with beautifying and protecting their beaches, properties, playgrounds, and more. We’re committed to using our top-tier sand products to offer reliable installation services that produce quality results. We’ve spent more than 20 years offering great service to our neighbors throughout the state. Superior is the best option for all of your sand installation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we can’t snap our fingers and have the job completed before your eyes, we do offer the next best thing. Thanks to our blower trucks, sand installation jobs are completed faster than ever—no hours of manual labor to worry about. The number of hours the job will take still depends on the size and location of the area of installation, and we are happy to give you an estimate pre-installation.

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Installation & Delivery Services

Michigan Sand Delivery & Installation

Superior offers sand delivery and installation for commercial and residential use throughout the state of Michigan.

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Stone Backfills

Stone (often peastone gravel) is required for foundation drainage and waterproofing of commercial and residential construction sites, trenches, and roadside projects. Our stone slingers make installation at these places simple and effective. For sites with more limited access, our blower trucks are the perfect solution.

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Playground Mulch

Some playground planners believe pebbles or sand are good forms of ground covering, but mulch is the superior substrate for playgrounds. When it comes to young children, mulch is easier to walk on. It has a greater shock absorbency and is less likely to cause scrapes, mitigating injury. In contrast to small rocks, mulch is not as easily ingested by curious toddlers who are close to the ground.

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