To calculate the amount of material required to cover an area, take some approximate measurements and use this simple formula:

Multiply the Length (in feet) by the Width (in feet), times the average Depth (in inches), then divide by 324 to get the amount of cubic yards required to cover an area. Example: 40 feet x 100 feet x 4 inches divided by 324 = approximately 50 cubic yards:


Total Area: (square feet)
Desired Thickness: (inches)
Total Cubic Yards Needed:

Now that you have the approximate amount of yardage required, either call us at (616) 669-7479 or e-mail us with this amount for the current cost of the groundcover you are interested in (topsoil, compost or one of the many colored wood products that are available). Also, include the general location of the work site (city/township).