Compost + Seeding


Superior Compost+Seed Express Blower truck installation is a very effective seeding process. Our Express Blower trucks inject and mix seed and other granulars directly into the compost as it is being installed. Since the seed is mixed throughout the compost, the seed does not lie on top of the soil exposed to the elements. This exclusive process yields faster, more uniform germination and healthier turf. Superior Compost+Seed installation helps protect the seed and allows it to root down into the soil, while adding crucial compost nutrients to the existing soil at the same time.

Use Superior Compost+Seed for Highway berm vegetation establishment, erosion control solutions, new lawn installation, snow plow lawn damage repair, or for top dressing existing lawn or turf. Our Express Blower trucks have the capability to install in areas that are difficult to access or in areas that are sensitive to heavy equipment. Some areas include sports fields, steep embankments, inside or through buildings, backyards, and various other applications.